The Painful Truth About the Sports Picks Industry

Jan 18, 2016


The handicapping industry’s reputation is barely above the level of a used car salesman and, unfortunately, that reputation is deserved.  The industry is consumed by boiler-room operations that care more about getting the bettor’s credit card number than it does about offering +EV sports picks.  Oskeim Sports was established to provide serious sports investors with an alternative to the scam-artists who prey upon the desperate and vulnerable.

Over the years, Oskeim Sports has heard several myths repeated about the handicapping industry, and we wanted to dedicate this blog article to dispelling those erroneous beliefs.

MYTH #1: Handicappers and/or Handicapping Services Make a lot of Money

TRUTH: Sports bettors perpetuate a widely held misconception that handicappers are making a lot of money selling sports picks, but this belief could not be further from the truth.  Based upon our contacts within the industry, only a handful of handicappers are making six figures selling sports picks.  The vast majority of services are making a nominal amount of money selling sports picks and, in fact, most handicappers you see on the internet have second (primary) jobs in order to pay the bills.

MYTH #2: Handicappers and/or Handicapping Services are Experts in Their Field

TRUTH: The vast majority of sports handicapping services you see on the internet are fly-by-night operations owned by people looking to generate a second income at the expense of unsuspecting sports bettors.  Many of these so-called “handicapping experts” do not have the analytical skills and/or resources to provide sports bettors with +EV sports picks. Whether they flip a coin or steal from other legitimate services, these handicappers engage in unscrupulous business practices predicated upon fraud and deceit.

MYTH #3: Handicappers and/or Handicapping Services are Documented and/or Transparent

TRUTH: While 90% of sports handicapping services are not independently monitored, they falsely advertise that they are “documented” and “transparent.”  These two terms are thrown around by handicappers without knowing their true meaning.  There are a number of reputable monitoring services, but the majority are owned and operated by the very handicappers claiming to be “monitored.”  The inherent conflict of interest is appalling, as is the level of deceit engaged in by these services.

There are only a few handicapping services who publish their selections contemporaneously in a Pick Archive for full transparency.  These services include Right Angle Sports and Oskeim Sports Consulting.  If a handicapper sincerely believes in the value of his work product, he would have no issue with posting all of his picks for the betting public to see.  Unfortunately, 99% of the handicapping services fail, neglect and/or refuse to uphold this basic tenet of integrity.

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