Find Out Whether You Should Purchase Sports Picks

Jan 16, 2016

Oskeim vs Stocks

Why should you purchase sports picks? Determining whether a sports bettor should purchase sports picks from a reputable handicapping service like Oskeim Sports involves two considerations: (1) the sports bettor’s beginning bankroll; and (2) whether the cost of service makes sense from a Return on Investment (ROI) standpoint.

Of course, before the sports bettor reaches the point of deciding whether the cost of service makes sense relative to his bankroll, he must determine the overall reliability of the handicapping firm.  Issues of honesty, transparency, long-term results and customer service are critical attributes of any legitimate sports handicapping service like Oskeim Sports.

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume that the sports bettor wagers $100 per game at -110 odds.  Let’s further assume that the sports bettor makes 500 sports picks throughout the course of the year and the cost of service was $850.

Based on this example, the sports bettor’s investment per game has increased by $1.70 per game ($850/500 games).  In other words, the sports bettor is risking $111.70 to win $110 on each game as opposed to investing $110 to win $100 without using a sports handicapping service.

Winning Percentage Required to Break Even Without Handicapping Service: 52.38%

Winning Percentage Required to Break Even With Handicapping Service: 53.19%

The sports bettor must ultimately determine whether the cost of the handicapping service will increase his win rate at a level high enough to justify the initial expense of retaining the service.  Based on the above example, if you believe that the sports handicapping service will increase your winning percentage by approximately 1%, it makes financial sense to invest in the service.

Over the last 7+ years, Oskeim Sports has produced a net profit of +474.04 stars for an annual return on investment of 91.8%.  The graph below illustrates how Oskeim Sports has generated a significant Return on behalf of its clients.