Principles to Help Sports Bettors Reach their Investment Goals

Jan 22, 2016

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1. Goals

A sports bettor should always delineate clear, appropriate investment goals that are both measurable and attainable.  Too often sports bettors will fall victim to the endless “get rich quick” schemes peddled by the multitude of scam-artists in the handicapping industry.  Here at Oskeim Sports, we help our clients create reasonable investment goals that incorporate a long-term approach to sports betting.  No scams.  No locks.  No get rich quick schemes.  Just sound investment advice that gives sports bettors the second income they deserve.

2. Balance

A sports bettor should exercise proper money management by developing a suitable asset allocation.  A sound investment strategy starts with an asset allocation suitable for the portfolio’s objective, and the allocation should be predicated upon reasonable expectations for risk and returns. Because all investments involve risk, sports bettors should manage the balance between risk and potential reward through retaining an industry-leading handicapping firm like Oskeim Sports.

3. Cost

Very simply, the lower your costs, the greater your share of an investment’s return.  Oskeim Sports offers industry-leading value with competitive pricing, thereby putting more money back in your pocket.  We understand that costs create an inevitable gap between what the sports betting market can return and what sports bettors actually earn, which is why Oskeim Sports keeps expenses down to narrow that gap.  We reject the notion that you get more if you pay more.

4. Discipline

Successful sports bettors maintain perspective and long-term discipline.  We understand that sports betting can provoke strong emotions, but discipline and perspective are the attributes of professional sports bettors who remain committed to their long-term investment strategy through periods of market uncertainty (i.e. winning streaks and losing streaks).  Spontaneous departures from sound money management will usually be costly, while chasing winners often leads to bankruptcy.  We help our clients adhere to a long-term perspective and a disciplined approach.  Oskeim Sports has consistently outperformed the investment industry, which is reason enough to allow our experts to generate the return on investment you have always been looking for.