The Pros vs. The Joes – College Football Betting Report

Oct 11, 2013

In our first ever “Pros vs. Joes” report, Pro Edge and its unparalleled contacts in the industry outline which college football games are being supported by the professional sports bettors (the “Pros”) and which contests are attracting money from the betting public (the “Joes”).

The Professional Bettor’s College Football Docket:

  • Missouri  (bet earlier in the week at +9)
  • Arkansas  (bet earlier in the week at +6)
  • Ohio  (bet earlier in the week at -17.5)
  • Kent State  (bet earlier in the week at +15.5)
  • Georgia State  (bet earlier in the week at +18)
  • New Mexico  (bet earlier in the week at +15.5)
  • Tulane  (bet earlier in the week at +10/+10.5)
  • Penn State   (bet earlier in the week at +3)
  • Bowling Green  (bet earlier in the week at +10.5/+11)
  • North Texas   (bet earlier in the week at -5.5)
  • UT-San Antonio  (bet earlier in the week at +2.5)

The Betting Public’s College Football Docket:

  • Texas A&M  (currently laying 6)
  • Alabama  (currently laying 27)
  • Oregon  (currently laying 13.5)
  • Baylor  (currently laying 17)
  • Clemson  (currently laying 24)
  • Oklahoma  (currently laying 13.5)

The list of teams being favored by the betting public does not surprise us in that the “Joes” love betting on explosive offenses like Oregon, Baylor, Clemson and Texas A&M. In fact, the “Joes” are willing to lay almost any number in order to get down action on these teams, but that propensity is a costly habit over the long term.  Here are two key ingredients of a live underdog: (1) a powerful running game that is at least 0.3 yards per rush play better than average; and (2) a strong defense that is at least 0.5 yards per play better than average.

Finally, as we have stated in previous blog articles, the “Pros” and the “Joes” often times agree on the same game.  What differentiates the professional from the long-term losing sports bettor is the number they get (+EV), which routinely beats the closing line.  Here are a few games that the “Pros” and the “Joes” agree on: Ohio, Buffalo, North Carolina State, UCLA and North Texas.  We hope you enjoyed this exclusive college football betting action report!