Oskeim Sports Consulting: 4 Years of Unparalleled Sucess

Apr 24, 2011

In April of 2007, I left a successful law practice to establish Oskeim Sports Consulting with the ultimate goal of providing the betting public with a viable alternative to the plethora of scam-artists who pervade the sports handicapping industry.  In  an era where purported sports handicapping services are opening (and closing) on a daily basis, I am frequently asked by competitors and clients alike how Oskeim Sports has become the most trust and fastest growing sports handicapping firm on the internet.  Without disclosing any proprietary information that has allowed Oskeim Sports to receive 23 distinguished awards from The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma, my sports investment firm’s unparalleled success is predicated, in part, on the following characteristics:

Unmatched Work Ethic

After graduating from law school and becoming a litigation attorney at a private law firm, I quickly developed a reputation for having a tireless work ethic on behalf of my clients.  That work ethic, which allowed me to build a successful law practice, remains a key component to my success as President of Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC.  While a vast majority of purported handicappers have other jobs outside of actually handicapping, being the lead handicapper at Oskeim Sports is my sole occupation.  Indeed, I claim both sports handicapping (i.e. President of Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC) and my sports investments on my federal and state tax returns.

Honesty and Integrity

Upon establishing Oskeim Sports in 2007, I immediately became monitored by the gold standard of the handicapping industry, The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma.  I also publish my documented results on my website so that both existing and prospective clients can determine my performance in a fully transparent manner.  In a completely unregulated industry, my decision to not only be monitored by a reputable third-party but also publish my results on the homepage is revolutionary in the handicapping profession.

Top Level Customer Service

In short, I say what I mean and do what I say, which is rare in an industry that is consumed by scam-artists and fly-by-night operations that exploit the betting public.  I am proud of the fact that over 82% of my clients renew their subscriptions, and a vast majority of my members have been with my firm for two years or longer.  This unprecedented customer loyalty is based upon the personal relationships that I have developed with my clientele.  While most handicappers hide behind a website, I actively engage with my clients on a personal level, and that engagement often times goes beyond sports.  In the past, I have had clients seek my advice on employment issues, custody issues, various legal issues and other matters that fall within the parameters of what we call ‘life’.

As Oskeim Sports approaches its 4 Year Anniversary, I would like to sincerely thank all of my clients who have made this journey possible.  More importantly, I would like to thank my friends and family who have provided me with unconditional love and support over the last four years.  And, to my loving wife, I would not be where I am today without the support and guidance that you have provided me.

Jeff Keim
Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC