Oskeim Sports’ 2021 NFL Draft Betting Odds and Preview

Feb 11, 2021

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Super Bowl 55 saw Tom Brady winning his 7th ring, but now all eyes are on the 2021 NFL Draft. Outside of any particular game, the NFL Draft is the biggest event in the sport. With 256 picks, seven rounds, and three days, there are endless possibilities of odds and prop bets.

Whether it’s who goes 1st overall or how many players from LSU go in the first round. If you love football and are seeking a gambler’s paradise, this is the event for you.

Like every other sporting event, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the NFL Draft’s betting odds and the entire draft process for many NFL teams, which could make this year’s draft more unpredictable. Many of the prospects in this year’s class did not have a final year in college to elevate their draft value.

Additionally, in-person meetings have been challenging and, in many instances, impossible. That has lead to teams having a less than 100% insight on a player, and the chance of a draft pick not panning out could be higher.

On the other hand, there will be teams that will benefit from all this uncertainty. A good talent could drop down the boards due to not playing last year, but this also comes with risk because NFL teams will have a smaller sample size to go by on film. This player could end up being a steal later in the draft, and you should expect quite a few of these scenarios to occur.

Now that you have the background information let’s dive right into the real meat and potatoes of it all; the numbers. The NFL Draft has many ways to win as you can virtually bet on every pick.

Here are some of the most popular bets and odds, taking an early look at the 2021 NFL Draft.

Odds for the #1 Overall Pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

Trevor Lawrence– QB- Clemson: -3000

The Clemson QB is by far the clear favorite to go first overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars. There is no questioning that he is the best QB prospect and maybe the group’s most pro-ready.

Justin Fields- QB- Ohio St: +1400

There is quite a gap between 1 and 2 on this list. Justin Fields isn’t a slouch in any sense, and there is still a possibility Fields goes before Lawrence (OSU ties with Meyer and Fields), although it is quite slim. It would likely be via trade as Jacksonville seems sold on the Clemson product.

Penei Sewell- OT- Oregon: +2000

For many, Sewell is the top offensive lineman in this class, but it is always an uphill battle competing against QBs for the first overall pick. These odds are bound to dip even more as Sewell could easily drop to the bottom of the Top 10. If you’re placing a bet on where exactly he could land, place your money in Dallas at #10.

Team to Draft QB Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars: -9000

As mentioned earlier, the Jags have expressed their interest in going with Lawrence, and they’re in a position where they need a significant upgrade at that position.

New York Jets: +1300

The Jets pick 2nd and have a lot of draft capital to trade up one spot to the #1 overall pick.

Houston Texans: +1800

These odds will take a nosedive unless Houston sends Deshaun Watson to the Jags, but it has to be a surreal package. It’s also unlikely because they play in the same division. Their first pick in the draft isn’t until the 3rd round. It would be best if you hedged on the Texans not taking Justin Fields.

Under the Radar NFL Draft Locks

First RB Selected


Travis Etienne-RB-Clemson

Etienne was the favorite late last year to be the first running back off the board. We enter 2021, and Alabama’s Najee Harris is the new favorite. It’ll come down to what team is picking at which time. If the Jets pick one first, bet on Harris.

If it doesn’t happen until the Bills or Packers, it’ll be Etienne and his speed. I predict the latter is likely as the Bills try to add speed to their backfield, and the Packers could lose Aaron Jones. The Jets have more essential needs before RB.

How Many QBs Will Be Taken In the 1st Round?…6

Let’s list them off to keep track easily. Trevor Lawrence will likely go first to the Jags. Zach Wilson and Justin Fields will be gone within the Top-5 and Trey Lance not long after, needing two more to get to 6. Mac Jones could go anywhere from #10 to #24 but won’t be around come the second round.

It seems most years there is a team that trades up into the end of the 1st round to get a QB that is falling their way but don’t want to risk it. Kyle Trask from Florida can easily be that guy.