MMA Betting Odds & Preview: Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Feb 15, 2021

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After weeks of calling out professional fighters like Conor McGregor on social media platforms, the famous (or infamous) Youtuber Jake Paul secured the next boxing fight of his career. Paul will be fighting former MMA fighter Ben Askren on April 17th, 2021.

The fight will be the third professional fight for Paul, the brother of controversial Youtube personality and boxer Logan Paul, who has created a stir of his own after calling out McGregor. Askren will be boxing for the first time professionally in his career after a lengthy career in MMA.

Paul has emerged as the early favorite against the former UFC fighter in early betting odds. The younger Paul brother, who has a feel for the theatrics, does indeed have more experience than Askren in boxing. However, Askren is a much more accomplished fighter and wrestler than Paul. With Paul being the early favorite, bettors may be weary to place money on Askren.

On the slip side, Paul has yet to fight someone with the fighting experience of Askren, so the former Bellator champion may be an MMA betting odds underdog worth investing money into. Let’s take a deeper look into both of these fighters and why you should put your money on them in this exhibition match.

Could Ben Askren (+190) upset Jake Paul?

While Youtuber Jake Paul has opened as the betting odds favorite of this April 17th fight, Ben Askren is no slouch when it comes to combat sports. Askren, 36, is a veteran in combat sports with experience in multiple MMA leagues.

Askren carries a 19-2 record in his MMA career with Bellator, ONE Fighting Championship, and the UFC. Askren held world championships in both Bellator and the ONE Fighting Championship after being an NCAA Champion at the University of Missouri.

In his UFC Debut, Askren fought and defeated Robbie Lawler by first-round technical submission in UFC 235. After that, Askren’s UFC career went downhill quickly. At UFC 239, Askren was a part of UFC history, but not in a good way. Askren fought Jorge Masvidal and was knocked out in a UFC-record five seconds.

At UFC Fight Night 162 in October of 2019, Askren fell to Demian Maia by third-round technical submission. Askren hasn’t fought in MMA since then but is looking to make a statement and a return to combat sports with a fight against the younger Paul brother.

Will Jake Paul (-240) make a statement against Ben Askren?

Jake Paul, who had a rise to fame on the social media platform Vine and Youtube as the younger brother of Logan Paul, has opened as an early 5-12 MMA betting odds favorite against the former MMA fighter Ben Askren. Paul is relatively new to the boxing world but is 2-0 in his early career.

In his first boxing match, Paul fought fellow Youtuber AnEsonGib in January 2020 by first-round technical knockout. After that, he fought and knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson. Paul has been calling out professional fighters and professional boxers in order to build his professional resume.

Paul infamously called out MMA fighter and UFC megastar Conor McGregor on social media. He called out McGregor, who fought world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and lost, for a $50 million fight.

With Paul’s fighting experience in the boxing ring, he carries the majority of the experience going into this springtime bout, making him the favorite early. However, Askren has fought several high-quality strikers during his fighting career and has more quality at higher fighting levels.

The overall inexperience in both fighters doesn’t make either one of them clear and definite MMA betting odds favorites, but for the bettors looking at making a play, the money should lie with Jake Paul. Because Paul has more experience boxing and is getting training from Jorge Masvidal, he may have the upper-hand against the former MMA champion.

At the current MMA betting odds, take Paul in this fight.