College Basketball Betting Report: Sharp Money Moves

Feb 7, 2015


Saturday’s college basketball slate offers a lot of value for the astute sports investor, and I have reached out to my contacts throughout the nation to track where the money is going on several of today’s games.  Before you place your wagers, be sure to check back on a regular basis to find out which teams are attracting the professional money.

College Basketball Teams Attracting Sharp Money:

  • Rotation #520: West Virginia (-4.5)
  • Rotation #546: Air Force (+2)
  • Rotation #694: North Dakota State (-9)
  • Rotation #584: Arkansas (-14)
  • Rotation #586: Vanderbilt (-3.5)
  • Rotation #617: Princeton (-1)
  • Rotation #662: California (+3.5)
  • Rotation #667: San Diego (+5)
  • Rotation #682: Cal-State Northridge (+4)

Of course, professional bettors exploited the opening lines and were able to procure better numbers than the ones reflected above (+EV).  For example, the professional betting community, including betting syndicates, moved a significant amount of money on Arkansas (-12.5) and North Dakota State (-7)

College Basketball Teams Attracting Amateur Money:

  • Rotation #533: Notre Dame (+9.5)
  • Rotation #539: Kansas (-1.5)
  • Rotation #545: Wyoming (-2)
  • Rotation #588: Pittsburgh (-3.5)
  • Rotation #674: Kentucky (-8)

As expected, most amateur bettors are guilty of chasing the steam, that is, waiting for lines to move and then jumping in at a worse number.  These wagers are considered -EV because the value is gone by the time the public gets around to betting the so-called “sharp” games.

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