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Net Profit & Return on Investment

If you want to know if your investment is a good one, you must look at your return on investment, or ROI. Any successful investor always pays attention to their ROI to make sure that they are, on average, making money instead of losing it. In sports betting, the ROI is simple to compute. Essentially, your ROI is determined by taking your net winnings or losses and dividing them by your bankroll, or the total amount of money you invested.

The average sports betting ROI for the industry as a whole is usually around 10%; however, Oskeim Sports has provided our clients with a cumulative ROI of nearly 60% since 2008. This is unheard of in sports betting, and we are very proud of this figure. In fact, we are internationally recognized in sports betting because of this unparalleled ROI.

We are dedicated to being one of the best sports handicappers, not only because of our incredible ROI, but also because of our commitment to transparency, accountability, and integrity. Our unmatched sports betting ROI is only the beginning. We are the only sports handicapper that is accredited by the BBB, and one of only two firms that publish our picks into the Pick Archive at the same time as posting them on our website.

If you want to experience the excitement that comes with a 60% ROI, contact us now. We would love to help you see how the right sports handicapper can help you make an unprecedented return on your investment.

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