Oskeim Sports 2013 Profit/Loss Statement – Record Profits Thru May 21

May 21, 2013

The 2013 trading period has been a terrific one for clients at Oskeim Sports as my sports investment firm has produced a net profit of +78.01 stars in 2013, which is an annual return exceeding 300%.

Documented 2013 Profit/Loss Statement:

January: +28.03 net stars

February: +15.47 net stars

March: +33.05 net stars

April: -12.1 net stars

May: +13.56 net stars (thru 5/21)

Overall Net Profit: +78.01 stars

Annual Return on Investment: +315%

My top-rated 5* releases are a documented 49-24 -1 (67.1%) in 2013, while the exclusive Platinum Club has generated documented 61% winners since March, 2009.


  • Consistently out-performed stock market since 2007; 31 awards from The Sports Monitor (3 #1 finishes);
  • Industry-leading honesty & transparency as all picks are published on website and independently documented by The Sports Monitor;
  • Customer confidentiality & privacy as member’s personal information is never sold or otherwise compromised;
  • Unparalleled customer service and development of client relationships;
  • Record profits exceeding +65 net stars in 2013; 300%+ Return on Investment

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Jeff Keim

Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC