The Elusive Nature of Truth in the Sports Handicapping Industry

Aug 20, 2013

The sports handicapping industry is known for its fair share of scam-artists and fly-by-night operations. In fact, I would suggest that the vast majority of pick selling sites on the internet are nothing more than marketing machines devoid of any merit or legitimacy. Here are the facts as they pertain to the handicapping industry:

  1. The vast majority of sports handicapping websites make less than minimum wage and exist for one of two reasons: (a) tax purposes; or (b) the desperate need for supplemental income. I am confident in stating that less than ten “sports handicappers” make six figures with their businesses (and that is out of hundreds of sites currently being operated on the world wide web).
  2. The vast majority of sports handicappers are part-time employees who have other “real” jobs. Again, I would suggest that less than ten sports handicappers in the entire industry actually work full-time and put in the necessary work to generate the results demanded by the betting public.
  3. Over 99% of the existing sports handicapping websites summarily reject honesty and transparency when it comes to results. I can only think of five sports handicapping sites that embrace transparency as part of their business model:
    • Right Angle Sports
    • Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC
    • Pro Edge Sports Picks
    • Inside the Line
    • Sixth Sense Sports
  4. Boiler room operations are used by charlatans who want nothing else but your credit card number. Would you trust/hire a doctor, lawyer or contractor who cold-called you and promised outrageous results that fly in the face of logic? Of course not. Unfortunately, desperate sports bettors want to believe the unbelievable, which keeps these scam-artists in business for yet another day.

If you are a serious sports bettor looking for honest and trustworthy advice, consider Pro Edge Sports Picks as we offer industry-leading transparency backed by unprecedented results.