The Arizona Wildcats: Undervalued in the Betting Marketplace

Sep 26, 2012

Despite standing at 3-1 this season, Arizona continues to be undervalued by the marketplace as investors are overlooking the Wildcats’ impressive 59-39 upset win over Oklahoma State on September 8 and, rather, insist on focusing on their disappointing 49-0 defeat at Oregon last week. One of the reasons for why I am bullish on Arizona this season is the fact that head coach Rich Rodriguez has a mobile quarterback (Matt Scott) who fits his offense perfectly.

Arizona Offense – (9/1/12 – 9/23/12)

  • Arizona is averaging 34.7 points per game, including 7.1 yards per pass attempt and 5.9 yards per play against teams that combine to allow just 6.6 yards per pass play and 5.5 yards per play to mediocre offensive squads.
  • Overall, the Wildcats are 0.5 yards per pass play and 0.4 yards per play better than average offensively this season.  However, Arizona’s offense has exploded at home where the Wildcats are averaging 46.3 points per game, 5.1 yards per rush attempt, 8.0 yards per play and 605 total yards (6.5 yards per play).

Arizona Defense – (9/1/12 – 9/23/12)

  • What people do not realize is the fact that Arizona possesses a very good defense that is allowing a mere 4.1 yards per rush attempt, 5.9 yards per pass attempt and 5.0 yards per play to teams that combine to average 4.9 yards per rush play, 7.3 yards per pass play and 6.0 yards per play against mediocre defensive squads.
  • Overall, the Wildcats are 0.8 yards per rush play, 1.4 yards per pass play and 1.0 yards per play better than average defensively this season.

Arizona’s offense is predicated upon a mobile quarterback in Matt Scott and a veteran offensive line that returns 61 career starts.  Despite having to shift from pass blocking to run blocking under coach Rodriguez’s offense, Arizona’s boasts one of the best offensive lines in college football.  The Wildcats also benefit from the fact that Pac-12 opponents are not familiar with this style of offense, and it looks like Rich Rod is prepared to exploit that fact.

Arizona Wildcats Undervalued in Sports Betting