The Destructive Mentality of Gambling Forums: An Inconvenient Truth

Feb 10, 2012

In a previous blog article, I discussed in great detail how certain competitors of mine have engaged in desperate attempts to damage my business reputation by spreading blatant lies and misleading statements on certain internet forums.   While I have already addressed many of these outlandish claims in an open letter to the public, these competitors (and disgruntled gamblers) continue to live in a delusional state that is ruled by inherent contradiction.  For those of you who have not followed the never-ending circus taking place at a particular internet forum, here is the link at issue:


Lie #1: “Jeff Keim does not handicap.  He steals plays from different handicappers and claims there for himself.”

FACT: My sports investment firm’s proprietary research and analysis has received 28 distinguished awards from The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma since 2007, including three #1 finishes (2 in the NBA & 1 in MLB).  I utilize my analytical skills learned in law school and developed in private practice (I practiced law at a private litigation firm for seven years) to provide my clients with the best investment advice on the market, bar none. My handicapping methodology consists of fundamental analysis (1/3), technical analysis (1/3) and situational analysis (1/3), together with two extremely successful math models.  Much to the dismay of my wonderful wife, I work 10-12 hours per day in order to provide my loyal members with unparalleled service and support, and I am proud of the fact that Oskeim Sports continues to be the fastest growing and most successful sports handicapping firm on the internet.

Lie #2: “Jeff Keim does not win over time.  His guarantee is a joke.”

FACT: My sports investment firm has consistently out-performed the stock market since 2007:

2007: 87.2% Rate of Return

2008: 76.3% Rate of Return

2009: 61.1% Rate of Return

2010: 39.2% Rate of Return

2011: 42.3% Rate of Return

In addition, my exclusive 5 Star Club is a documented 269-163-12 (62%) over its last 444 selections, including 215-131-11 (62.2%) since 2009. Similarly, the Platinum Club has also out-performed the stock market since first being introduced to the betting public in 2008:

Pinnacle Syndicate: 113-64 (64%)

Vegas Syndicate: 86-52 (62%)

Florida Syndicate: 41-33-1 (55.4%)

Off Shore Syndicate: 21-12-1 (64%; Football L/3 years)



Lie #3: “He uses his lawyer legalize, and tries to convince everyone that he is the best.”

FACT: By the grace of God and the unconditional love and support from my family, I was blessed to have had the opportunity to obtain my J.D. from The University of Connecticut School of Law, and I am not going to apologize for the education that I worked so hard to obtain.  More importantly, my documented record of success, including the 28 awards from The Sports Monitor, speak for themselves.

Lie #4: “He plays money lines and lays heavy wood in order to try and build a record.”

FACT: While I occasionally recommend money line investments to my private clients when the point spread is 2.5-points or less, the assertion that I somehow “lay heavy wood” is completely false and totally without merit.  In fact, my average money line wagers over the last five years is -132 and, more importantly, the net profit generated over that period of time speaks for itself (please see Annual Rate of Return link above for monthly, quarterly and annual results).  While my competitors and detractors are certainly entitled to their opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts.

Lie #5: “I also don’t like somebody who sells different levels of plays like Oskeim does.”

FACT: I offer the betting public two separate and distinct service: the 5 Star Club and the Platinum Club.  The 5 Star Club gets a client access to the entire site, including my 5* selections, while the Platinum Club consists of 3-5 picks per week from the various betting syndicates that I am affiliated with.  Unlike many scam-artists in this industry who sell multiple levels of service, I simply offer two honest and reputable investment products for the consumer to choose from.

Lie #6: Anyone that has been around a while knows that Ruth at the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma can be bribed.”

FACT: This conspiracy theory continues to be perpetuated by many competitors who either (a) do not have the courage to be documented by a reputable third-party monitoring service, and/or (b) cannot afford to pay the annual fee to be documented by an independent, third-party agency.  Either way, the claims that Ruth can somehow be bribed are laughable on their face as I would have many more #1 finishes at The Sports Monitor if I could simply “bribe” the owner.

Lie #7: “If you knew anything about touts, you would know that Keim resells others’ picks.”

FACT: This baseless claim continues to live on courtesy of a certain forum poster who sticks to his tired talked points despite the uncontroverted and uncontradicted facts involving my documented records.  For example, I finished ranked #1 in MLB last season at The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma, yet the handicapper that I am purportedly stealing from finished below 50% (bottom half of the rankings; failed to qualify).  Moreover, I finished ranked #1 in the NBA (2010-2011) season, yet the handicapper that I am allegedly stealing from finished with a record below 50% (bottom half of the rankings; failed to qualify).  While the examples are endless, I will share two more for those forum members who really like to cling to conspiracy theories.  I finished in the Top 10 in the 2011 NFL Playoffs and in the Top 5 in the 2011 College Football Bowl games, yet the handicapper that I am purportedly stealing from failed to eclipse 50% on his picks during the same period of time as documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma.  In short, the claim that I am somehow stealing picks from a fellow competitor is both fundamentally false and explicitly contradicts the facts.

Lie #8: “How come Oskeim only shows percentages and not actual units won?”

FACT: This assertion is false on so many levels that it’s difficult to take this commentary seriously at this point.  I openly publish my net stars (units) won/lost in the following locations on the website, all of which are readily available to the general public:

  1. In the “CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR ANNUAL RATE OF RETURN” graphic prominently displayed on the homepage (I also included this reference above);
  2. Under the “INFORMATION” section of the homepage, which prominently displays my Profit/Loss Statement for each year since 2007; and
  3. In monthly newsletters, which are published to existing clients; and
  4. In the “OSKEIM SPORTS vs. DOW + S&P 500” graphic located on the homepage, which effectively converts stars/units won/lost into an annual rate of return.
  5. In the Platinum Club’s Records, which are prominently displayed on the hompepage within the “Platinum Club” box.  In fact, I provide detailed spreadsheets of every selection, units risked, point spread (or money line odds) and the results.

Lie #9: “Jeff Keim does not provide a city or phone number.  Scammers love to remain anonymous.”

FACT: My personal biography is readily available on the homepage for the general public to read.  Within the first paragraph of introducing myself to the reader, I state that I was born in Tolland, Connecticut, practiced law at a civil litigation firm in Bridgeport, Connecticut and established Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC in 2007.  I also provide contact information throughout my website, including my personal cell phone number, personal email address and a toll free number.  Finally, my Twitter and Facebook pages incude the fact that I currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts with my wife and 12-week old son.  Both Facebook and Twitter also include pictures of me, my wife and my son so the claim that I am somehow trying to remain anonymous falls on deaf ears.

Lie #10: “No, syndicates don’t give out plays.  They are not in the business to help a tout.”

FACT: Throughout my career in the handicapping business, I have developed unparalleled contacts with many sources, including affiliations with various professional betting syndicates.  The author of the above-referenced lie is partially correct in that syndicates “don’t give out plays,” and that is why I pay a substantial amount of money every year to secure the information from these betting conglomerates.  In fact, my federal tax return has a line item business expense for the money I spend to procure this information on an annual basis.  I have never claimed that the Platinum Club’s picks are my own work product, nor have I ever submitted them to The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma for documentation (they are not my work product).

Lie #11: “Records for 2009, 2010 and 2012 are available on his site for the vegas group.  How come no records in 2011?  I know why.”

FACT: While the truth may not be convenient for the author of this outwardly absurd claim, the fact remains that all records for the Vegas Syndicate are published on the homepage.  These records can be found by clicking the following links, which are located on the upper right of my website:

In short, the author of this outrageous lie loses all credibility when he consistently ignores the undisputed facts pertaining to my sports investment firm.

Lie #12 (Updated on 2/12/12): “Oskeim left off Xavier last March, a loser.”

FACT: After debunking the author of the above-referenced falsehoods time and time again (his original nine paragraph tirade, much of which was difficult to comprehend, has been revised to only two paragraphs in his latest post), I will once again allow the facts to speak for themselves. On March 16, 2011, the Vegas Syndicate released a play on Xavier, which was duly released to my clients. On Friday, the Pinnacle Syndicate contacted me with a selection on Marquette, which directly conflicted with the Xavier selection.  Rather than ignoring the inherent conflict, I felt that I had an affirmative duty to inform my client’s of the situation, thereby allowing them to make an educated decision on the matter.  Accordingly, I sent the following email to my private clients on March 18, 2011:


I just received a phone call from the Pinnacle Syndicate informing me that the group made a substantial wager on the Marquette Golden Eagles in tonight’s game against Xavier (7:25 p.m. eastern time start).  Obviously, this investment directly conflicts with our earlier wager from the Vegas Syndicate on Xavier, which was initially released to the Platinum Club on Wednesday.

In light of the inherent conflict between the two sources (our two best), I would strongly recommend ‘buying back’ your original wager on Xavier and walking away from this game. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would rather inform you of the conflict as opposed to keeping you in the dark.

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Jeff Keim

Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC

Based on the facts in this case, as set forth above, the author’s desperate attempt to characterize my actions in a negative light are totally baseless and completely without merit.  While taking my actions out of context may generate some buzz on gambling forums, such behavior is potentially libelous as a matter of law.  In short, Xavier was not an official play from the Vegas Syndicate due to the conflict, nor was Marquette an official play from the Pinnacle Syndicate for the same reasons.  As such, Xavier was not recorded as a loss, nor was Marquette graded as a win.  I should also note that the conflict between the Platinum Club’s two syndicates in this particular instance is extremely rare as this has only happened three times since 2007 (0.0016% of the time to be exact).
Lie #13 (Updated on 2/12/12): “Last season, did he or did he not release a 5* play on Missouri +2.5 around 10 a.m. central time for a game that started at 11 a.m.  Between the release time and start time that line moved to Missouri +3.5/+4, ironically the game ended with a Kansas 3 point win.  Text messages were sent out saying he was taking a poll on whether to count the game as a win or a loss.  Again, ironically everyone voted to count it as a win.  He released a loser and counted it as a winner.”

FACT: The pathological nature of these accusations has reached a fevered pitch as the above-referenced lie contains several misstatements of fact.  Consistent with what I have done previously, I will allow the facts to speak for themselves. On March 5, 2011 at 9:39 a.m. eastern time, I released a 5 Star Club investment on Missouri (+3), which started at 12 p.m. eastern time.  At 9:56 a.m. eastern time, a mere seventeen (17) minutes after my original release, I sent the following email to my private clients:

At this time, approximately 60% of the sportsbooks have installed Missouri as 3.5-point underdogs.  I strongly recommend buying a 1/2-point immediately (if possible) and taking the Tigers at +4.  If you have already placed your wager at +3, I would seriously consider ‘buying back’ your initial wager and re-betting your investment at +4 (after buying the 1/2-point). As of right now, Bookmaker, Cris, Betjamaica, Diamond and Legendz are among those off shore sportsbooks showing Missouri as 3.5-point underdogs.
At +4, the probability of Missouri covering the spread increases by 2.3%, which is extremely significant in sports investing.
Jeff Keim
Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC

Based on the clear and unequivocal facts in this case, the author of Lie #13 was incorrect about the start time of the game, the point spread of the game and the release time of my selection.  More importantly, the perpetrator of fraud was blatantly wrong about how I graded the game as I officially counted Missouri as a “push” – not as a win as stated by the factually-challenged author.  In short, the purveyor of hate and misinformation once again neglected the facts in order to receive some meaningless praise from his fellow internet forum friends.  I will not allow a desperate competitor and/or degenerate gambler to defame the sports investment firm that I have worked so hard to develop.

I will continue to work tirelessly to provide my clients with the best investment advice on the market.  In the meantime, I am optimistic that the general public will recognize the motivations behind many of the posters in these forums.  Remember, these are the same people who claim that every handicapper is a scam, yet they dedicate a significant amount of their time on betting forums either asking for picks from the very guys they proclaim to hate.  Frankly, I could not make this stuff up if I tried, but that is the very nature (and mentality) of most forum members.

Jeff Keim

Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC



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