A Follow-Up Response to the Outlandish Lies at SBR

Feb 15, 2012


While your sanctimonious nonsense and discredited talking points are getting old, I have no problem with allowing the facts to speak for themselves. With respect to the Greg Shaker claim (he legal name is actually Greg Shurden according to my attorneys), that issue was addressed in great detail in a previous blog article located at:

Link: http://oskeimsportspicks.com/wordpress/?p=382

In fact, Greg Shaker was blatantly stealing my Platinum Club selections, which ultimately ended at some point in 2011 after my legal team threatened litigation to stop the copyright infringement.

I am confident in the fact that the forum moderators of this site can confirm that I am neither Forrest or Senrabbi. Obviously, I am comfortable with the truth, but I will allow you to continue to perpetuate outlandish conspiracy theories in order to gain some meaningless praise from your fellow conspirators. I have always said that it is difficult to make sense out of nonsense, and this entire thread substantiates my belief.

As for my seven years as a provate litigation attorney at Green and Gross, P.C., 1087 Broad Street, Suite 301, Bridgeport, Connecticut, I would encourage you to speak with any of my colleagues or judges before whom I regularly practiced to get a better understanding of the type of lawyer I was. While making baseless assertions is certainly much easier, especially when there is no accountability in the blogosphere, the truth will ultimately set you free. Also, rather than assuming things about my legal background, you could always contact the Connecticut Bar Association to determine my standing, but I am confident that the truth would be inconvenient for your tired talking points.

All other claims have previously been effectively debunked at the following location:

Link: http://oskeimsportspicks.com/wordpress/?p=400

Finally, the answer to Raiderguy101’s multiple inquiries have been readily available for the past five years at the following location:

Link: https://www.oskeimsportspicks.com/information.php/info_id/2

As always, I would be more than happy to engage in a reasonable dialogue regarding any of these issues – please do not hesitate to contact me toll free at 1-888-254-0117. I do not employ any salespeople or secretaries so you will speak with me directly.

Best Regards,

Jeff Keim

Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC