The Most Popular Ways to Bet on March Madness

Mar 23, 2024

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Oskeim Sports discusses the most popular ways to bet on March Madness. Totals, point spreads, prop bets, and future bets are very popular.

Over/Under bets

Over/Under (O/U) betting is a simple wager on how many total points will be scored during a game or match.  Here are a few totals trends to consider before betting on the over/under in the NCAA Tournament:

  • Since 2015, NCAA Tournament teams that averaged three or more free throw attempts per game during the regular season are 110-92-3 to the Under (55%), including 53-41-1 UNDER (56.4%) since 2020
  • Since 2004, NCAA Tournament teams coming off a win that went over the total by more than 23 points are 17-9-2 to the Under (65.4%)
  • Since 2004, NCAA Tournament games with totals of 157 or more points are 23-14-1 to the Under (62.2%), including 11-4 UNDER (73.3%) since 2018.

Moneyline bets

If you prefer lower-risk betting options, consider placing a moneyline bet. Not only are moneylines easy to understand and offer good value; but their odds may also differ across sportsbooks – so it is wise to shop around to find the most economical moneyline price possible.

Odds on a moneyline reflect the probability that one team will win and do not reflect bettors’ estimation of that team’s strength. It is therefore imperative to carefully research each matchup before placing any bets, especially moneylines. Here are a few moneyline trends to consider before betting on games during March Madness:

  • Since 2004, teams coming from high-elevation locations are just 21-74 SU (22.1%) and 20-43 ATS (31.7%) in the NCAA Tournament, losing by an average of -7.8 points per game and failing to cover the spread by an average of -4.8 points per game
  • Since 2004, NCAA Tournament teams that averaged more free throw attempts during the regular season are just 110-159-7 ATS (40.9%), including 30-34 SU (46.9%) and 24-39-1 ATS (38.1%) since 2021, losing by an average margin of -1.5 points per game and failing to cover the spread by an average of -3.32 points per game.

Parlay bets

During the Elite 8 Round, bettors can place wagers on individual games or create more complex parlay bets by selecting winning teams and player props to form parlays. Such bets can be highly profitable if you possess an in-depth knowledge of college basketball.

As part of your live betting decisions, it is also wise to keep up with the current form of each team. A squad with an unfavorable record at the beginning may rally over time and reach the championship game.

As part of making live bets, it’s also crucial to take note of game start times when making live wagers. If the starting time of games begins too early, players may find it hard to adjust to college basketball’s fast pace resulting in low-scoring contests that go under totals; thus it would be prudent not to make bets during these early minutes.

Future bets

Futures bets provide bettors who don’t follow an athlete or team closely enough with an opportunity to wager on outcomes not yet in play, yet still want an edge against them. It can be helpful for bettors looking for more of an overall picture rather than simply following daily performance alone.

Futures bets on the tournament’s overall champion can also be placed, with teams such as North Carolina, UConn, and Houston considered among the favorites to take home the crown. It is wise to note that odds can change as the tournament advances and to spread your bets between regional bets to protect yourself. Panayotovich advises hedging your bets as much as possible.

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