The Importance of Choosing the Right Sportsbook

Apr 22, 2010

ist1_227145_sportsbookAs a professional handicapper, one of the most common questions that I receive from sports investors involves the extremely important task of choosing a reputable off shore sportsbook.  The gold standard for sportsbook reviews is, which provides detailed analysis and reviews of over 700 sportsbooks located throughout the world. is the ‘Consumer Reports’ of the sportsbook industry as it provides sports investors with important information regarding the hundreds of sportsbooks on the market, and these reviews ultimately allow investors to make educated decisions based upon their individual needs.  In order to help sports investors make informed decisions when choosing a sportsbook, I have decided to publish the A+ rated sportsbooks as determined by (


To say that Bookmaker is a leader in the offshore business is an understatement. This is the place where all lines start. Most books will not even open a betting line until Bookmaker oddsmakers have established the number. The days of watching Las Vegas have long since past. This is a high-volume bookmaker that takes $5,000 bets as routinely as most books take $100 bets. This is where professional players play. In a day where successful players find that their limits are cut for winning too much, players can win without limit at Bookmaker and get paid with a smile into the millions of dollars.

For just about as long as there has been offshore wagering, there has been Bookmaker. This is a very large and established operation that is best suited for the sophisticated player as well as large recreational players who typically wager $500 per event or more.

Diamond Sports International has been in operation since 1998; but a few years ago the sportsbook was able to start its climb to top-tier status by partnering with, and becoming powered by, A+ rated Bookmaker. DSI offers its players the security that comes with the financial backing from one of the industry’s true powerhouses, as well as the technical resources and hosting available in the state-of-the-art Bookmaker building, while maintaining its own identity, independent lines and bonus structure.

This sportsbook excels by doing the little things and aims to prove to players that their VIP-level service can not be found elsewhere. DSI openly boasts about its immediate grading of wagers and 24/7 LiveChat and phone service. Whether it’s betting on primetime football or a 3 AM tennis match taking place on the other side of the world, DSI will be available to assist.

DSI built a reputation as a generous sportsbook that puts a premium on quality service to all types of players. From the player who demands it all, including office pools, a poker room, horse wagering and skill games, to the larger player who needs a no-nonsense high-limit sportsbook, Diamond Sports strives to be the perfect choice.

Legends sets itself apart from other sportsbooks with an emphasis on friendly and efficient customer service. While many sportsbooks answer the phone with the generic one word acknowledgement — Sports — the first thing a Legends client will hear is, “Hello, It’s a great day at Legends! How can I help you?” At the first contact, the caller is made to feel as if he will receive individual attention from a clerk who has the time to answer any questions.
Speaking fluent English and being friendly isn’t enough to land you a job at this Panama-based sportsbook. Each potential employee is required to pass a month-long course on taking bets and the sportsbook’s wagering platform. Out of a class of 50 individuals, only ten may graduate to the wagering department as was the case in February 2006. Accounting and customer service agents are then hand picked from the wagering staff by management and a second training course is to follow. Legends services their players with a staff of over 150.
The large employee talent pool was only one of the reasons Legends moved from Costa Rica to Panama in July of 2003. Panama’s exceptional infrastructure has helped Legends make sure the possibility of website downtime is all but eliminated. Management tells SBR they “have back-ups for the back-ups” and the result is one of the most stable gaming sites online.
Legends is a great choice for the recreational gambler looking for a book he can rely on for quality and fairness, and demands payouts seven days a week.
This is a great book that welcomes large players and offers attractive bonuses for the small player. 5Dimes offers great variety of original betting lines for nearly every sporting event. This shop is known for having the most extensive selections of betting odds in the industry.

5Dimes has become on of the top choices for players looking for original and well booked alternate run lines for MLB, Tennis, Golf, Soccer and various other sports, that other shops consider to be secondary. This sportsbook posts the largest amount and variety of odds on sporting events for the different leagues from all over the world. 5Dimes also offers players many casino gaming options including the Bonus Casino, which has some of the most competitive odds in online casino wagering. 5Dimes also offers a 3D poker room which offers players monthly promotions.

This shop is run by one of the sharpest bookmakers the industry has ever known. 5Dimes was established in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1999. 5Dimes continues to impress players of all types with their incredible wagering selections, odds, reliable payouts and secure transactions.

As stated above, these reviews can be found at, which is the most honest and reputable source in the gambling industry when it comes to the 755+ sportsbooks currently available to sports investors.  Finally, I recommend that sports investors have at least 2-3 sportsbooks so that they can shop for the best lines.
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