Sports Bettor Resources: Oskeim’s Recommended Reads

Mar 24, 2011

One of the reasons for Oskeim Sports’ success in the sports picks industry is its unwavering commitment to continuing education and the ultimate pursuit of perfection.  While my sports picks are supported by thorough research and analysis, their genesis can be found in some of the following books and publications:

1. “The House Advantage – Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business” by Jeffrey Ma.
2. “The Smart Money” by Michael Konik.
3. “How Professional Gamblers Beat the Pro Football Pointspread” by J.R. Miller.
4. “Investing in College Basketball” by Larry R. Seidel.
5. “Lem Banker’s Book on Sports Betting” by Lem Banker & Frederick C. Klein.
6. “Insights Into Sports Betting” by Bob McCune.
7. “Education of a Sports Bettor” by Bob McCune.
8. “Betting to Win on Baseball” by Robert Ross.
9. “Betting Baseball” by Michael Murray.
10. “College Football Preview” by Phil Steele.
11. “Playbook Football Handicapper’s Yearbook” by Marc Lawrence.
12. “Pro Football NFL Preview & Fantasy Football Guide” by Phil Steele.
13. “College Football Scorebook” by Northcoast Sports.
14. “Black Book” by Marc Lawrence.

While I have used the foregoing material to further enhance research and analysis, my sports investment firm’s proprietary information, including one of the most coveted math models in the sports picks industry, remains the bedrock of my success.  As a member of Oskeim Sports Picks, you can be assured that its premium sports picks are supported by the most thorough analytical research in the industry, bar none.  So, the next time you want to purchase sports picks, remember that Oskeim Sports Picks adheres to the simple philosophy that perfection is best obtained by way of education and the pursuit of knowledge within one’s industry.  Knowledge + Contacts = Winning Sports Picks!