Pro Edge Sports Picks Brings Innovation to a Static Handicapping Industry

Aug 26, 2013

The owners at Pro Edge Sports Picks, LLC are amazed at how stagnant the sports handicapping industry is.  While most successful businesses develop new products and services to better cater to the consumer, the sports picks industry has remained static with out-dated and irresponsible marketing ploys.  Old-school handicappers keep a death grip on boiler-room operations that harass and mislead sports bettors, while ultimately damaging the industry as a whole.  Fortunately, these dinosaurs of year’s past can no longer afford airing thirty-minute infomercials on Saturday mornings, but they continue to harm other in other ways that are just as unscrupulous.  Click the link below to learn how to recognize and avoid unethical sports handicapping services:

Spotting a Fraudulent Sports Picks Site

Innovation that Rewards the Customer

Pro Edge relentlessly challenges the handicapping industry to give sports bettors the best and most sophisticated investment advice on the market.  We do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics.  In fact, we never call existing or prospective clients, nor do we sell our member’s personal and confidential information.  We also offer an industry-first rewards program that gives clients an unconditional 20% discount on all subscription renewals.  Pro Edge also offers $50 cash back for every referral, with no strings attached. The Rewards Program is just another way we distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering our members with innovation and value.

Uncompromising Value and Respect

We also adhere to the belief that value shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we do not offer multiple levels of membership.  Very simply, Pro Edge offers serious sports bettors with competitive pricing on short-term and long-term subscriptions, together with unprecedented investment results.  Value doesn’t end with pricing, however, as providing a knowledgeable support network is just as important.  Pro Edge’s experienced representatives are available by phone, email and text for one-on-one support when you need it most.

Empowering Educational Resources

Pro Edge seeks to educate both potential and existing clients about our products and the handicapping industry as a whole.  We provide powerful educational resources, including daily blog articles, that address the attributes of a successful sports investor – money management, dealing with variance, line shopping and other traits of profitable sports bettors.