NFL Playoffs: Which Team Can Win the Super Bowl?

Jan 23, 2022

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The NFL playoffs are heating up, and one of the most-watched sports events in the world is just around the corner. The question is: which team has the best odds of winning it all?

Is it the AFC or the NFC this year? What makes the Rams so desirable and what makes the Bengals an underdog?

That’s what we’re breaking down today. Read on to find out more about the NFL playoff picture and how the teams stack up after Wild Card weekend.

Green Bay Packers*

Seeing the Packers get a first-round bye at this point seems like a formality. Aaron Rodgers is elite as usual and his offense works in harmony every weekend.

The Packers are a safe bet for many looking to cash in for the Super Bowl right now. Pay attention to their performance this weekend to see if they’re worth taking a bet on.

*Green Bay was defeated by San Francisco (13-10) in the Divisional Round

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The defending champs don’t have a few of their key receivers, but their defense is stifling and of course, they still have Touchdown Tom. Brady alone makes them a more-than-convincing bet to win the Super Bowl again.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had some bumps this year, but look strong as ever with guys like Cupp, Donald, and Odell. They fizzled out last postseason, but their odds at another championship might be on the horizon this weekend.

The NFL playoff schedule puts them with the Buccaneers, a team they beat in the regular season. If they perform well this weekend, who knows what they can do for the rest of the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans*

Speaking of which, the Titans are still looking to make it back to the Super Bowl after losing to the Rams in 2000. While some doubt they’ll make the climb, it’s not over for Tennessee just yet.

For starters, they secured the first-round bye without their elite back, Derrick Henry. While they aren’t as flashy as other teams, who knows? They’ve made a big push in 2019, so it’s entirely possible.

*Tennessee was defeated by Cincinnati (19-16) in the Divisional Round

Kansas City Chiefs

There’s also the defending AFC champions Chiefs, home of quarterback Jesus himself, Patrick Mahomes. If the Chiefs can stay together on defense and avoid turnovers, they just might make the big game for a third straight time.

While some got off the Chiefs hype train after their poor start to the season, their chances of winning it all aren’t too shabby. If they can catch fire on offense, everyone knows they’re capable of making a huge push.

Buffalo Bills

Finally, we have the Buffalo Bills. While Buffalo seems to be cursed by the football gods after losing four straight Super Bowls in the 90s, this is a new era for Bills Mafia.

Josh Allen is really coming into his own this year, and if guys like Diggs and Beasley keep the offense moving, the Super Bowl seems pretty likely for Buffalo. As such, the Bills remain an excellent championship contender.

Finding the Super Bowl Winner

The NFL playoffs are as heated as ever, and it’s time to settle on your picks for who’s going to win it all. Use this guide to help you decide who you want to bet on as the Super Bowl 56 champions.

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