The Creed Successful Sports Bettors Adhere to

Apr 24, 2014

To become a successful investor, whether it’s in the stock market or the betting market, one has to abide by an explicit investing creed.  This important creed requires an investor to ask several question, including the following:

  • Do efficient markets exist and, if so, is it possible to beat that market?
  • What level of risk tolerance do you have?  Are you more interested in maximizing your return on investment or in reducing the level of risk inherent in the market?
  • Do you believe that a disciplined approach to investing can/will generate a desired result, or do you question the premise that the market can be exploited?  In other words, how do you view the question of determinism versus randomness?
  • How will you define success, and what risks are you willing to accept to achieve it?

With respect to the first question above, there is no question that it’s possible to beat the sports betting market.  A simple review of Pro Edge’s results over the last seven years demonstrates that both efficient markets exist and that it’s possible to generate a return on investment in the sports betting marketplace.

As for the second question, it is imperative that a sports bettor determine his risk tolerance before placing a wager.  The amount of money set aside to bet on sports (i.e. one’s bankroll) should not endanger a person’s lifestyle (present or future) if there were significant losses.  However, by utilizing the analysis and recommendations of a trusted, respected and reputable sports investment firm like Pro Edge Sports, a sports bettor can achieve a substantial return over a period of months and/or years.

Any successful sports bettor must also define his objective prior to entering the betting market. Would an annual return of 25% be acceptable, or is the sports bettor looking for a greater return on investment in exchange for a higher level of risk?  Keep in mind that the percentage return should be realistic and the time period in which to achieve that goal should be long-term.

Finally, sports bettors looking to retain the services of a sports handicapping firm must first determine whether they should purchase sports picks.  The sports bettor should also know how to calculate his return on investment so that he can measure his results.  For more helpful tips on how to become a successful sports bettor, click here.