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College Football Betting Report: Line Moves & Wiseguy Action

Our live odds feed is lighting up like a Christmas tree this morning as both professional bettors and betting groups have moved a lot of money on certain college football games. Please find below our college football betting report: line moves & wiseguy action:

Professional Sports Bettors & Betting Syndicates Like:

  • Utah State  (opened +6.5; now +5.5)
  • Marshall (opened +11; now +8.5)
  • San Jose State (opened +5; now +4)
  • San Diego State (opened +11; now +7)
  • Florida Atlantic (opened +5; now +3)
  • Syracuse (opened -10.5; now -17)
  • UT-San Antonio (opened +3; now -3)
  • Hawaii (opened +12.5; now +7)
  • Baylor (opened -27; now -30)
  • Penn State (opened -19; now -22)
  • Army (opened +4; now +2.5)

Professional outfits have taken aggressive positions on the games listed above, with San Jose State, San Diego State and Utah State receiving a lot of action from the wiseguys. Pro Edge Sports Picks likes several of these games, although only our valued subscribers get access to our major money moves.