Welcome to ProEdge Sports Picks

Aug 15, 2013

The vast majority of sports handicappers and/or services found on the internet are either (a) part-time employees looking to make a side income through selling sports picks; (b) marketing machines who could not handicap themselves out of a paper bag if their lives depended on it; or (c) downright scam-artists who engage in unscrupulous business practices in violation of state and federal laws. As a sports bettor looking for legitimate investment advice, you deserve so much more than what is currently found on the free market. ProEdge Sports Picks was established to offer sports bettors with an reputable alternative to the garbage that currently exists online. ProEdge’s team of expert handicappers, together with its unparalleled sources throughout the gambling industry, operate under simple business principles:

Transparency: All picks are published on the homepage and graded against a widely available line at the time of release;

Confidentiality & Respect: No high-pressured sales tactics. No unsolicited phone calls. No infringement upon your personal privacy or private information.

Long-Term Results: No get-rich quick schemes. No “locks” or 500,000 Dime Games of the Year. Just unparalleled results that have consistently outperformed the investment industry for many years.

Unparalleled Customer Support: Our experienced representatives are available for support when you need it the most.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty: ProEdge Sports Picks rewards client loyalty by offering an unconditional 20% discount on all subscription renewals. Earn cash when you refer family, friends or co-workers to Pro Edge Sports Picks. The more you refer, the more you make. It’s that simple.

Compare ProEdge Sports Picks to the rest of the sports handicapping services and determine for yourself who you should trust with your hard-earned money. The hard part is over – you are here. Now it is time to start generating a return on investment that you deserve. Welcome to Pro Edge Sports Picks!