Week 13 College Football Betting Report

Nov 22, 2013

The experts at Pro Edge Sports have been following the money trail all week, and our sources throughout the betting industry have confirmed several college football games that have attracted heavy action from well-known professional bettors.  Now that the market has sufficient liquidity and maturity, we are confident in disclosing the following Week 13 College Football Betting Report.

College Football Teams/Games Attracting Sharp Money

  • Iowa (-5.5) over Michigan
  • Kansas State (-5) over Oklahoma
  • Syracuse (pk) over Pittsburgh
  • Hawaii (+6.5) over Wyoming
  • Utah State (-10) over Colorado State
  • BYU (-1) over Notre Dame
  • Washington State (-1.5) over Utah
  • Mississippi (+2.5) over Missouri
  • Oklahoma State (+8.5) over Baylor
  • San Diego State (+6) over Boise State

As we have covered in the past, par of what differentiates a professional sports bettor from a casual sports fan is the number they procure.  For instance, based on the games listed above, Pro Edge can confirm the fact that professional bettors and betting groups alike got the following numbers:

  • Kansas State -3.5
  • Hawaii +7
  • Utah State -7.5
  • OKlahoma State +9.5/+10

Being +EV is a distinguishing characteristic of a successful sports bettor; while the betting public wakes up Saturday morning and bets into bad lines, the consummate professional consistently exploits the inefficiencies within the betting market to his advantage.  Please find below several games that are being bet by the public as if they have Sunday’s newspaper:

College Football Games/Teams Attracting Heavy Public Action:

  • Michigan State (-6.5) over Northwestern
  • Duke (-6) over Wake Forest
  • Mississippi State (-1.5) over Arkansas
  • East Carolina (-6) over North Carolina State
  • SMU (-4) over South Florida
  • USC (-22.5) over Colorado

Two teams facing extremely difficult situations this week are Duke and USC, both of whom run the risk of suffering major letdowns.  Duke has not been a conference road favorite since 1999 and is coming off the biggest win in school history, while the Trojans are coming off a huge upset win over Stanford and now face the altitude of Colorado.  The common thread running through all of the games above is the fact that they are “too easy” and fail to pass the “smell test.”