Top 10 Football Picks for the Upcoming NFL Season

Aug 7, 2017

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Every year, the fantasy football scene continues to grow. Football has been a popular past time for many years, but now we get the chance to pick apart our beloved teams and find the best roster that we love to watch.

With the new NFL season just around the corner, it’s important to take a look at the best of the best. You want to get all of the information necessary to make the most informed pick so that you can do well this season.

We’ve collected 10 of the best to help you with your own picks. Read on to find out who made the list!

1. Le’Veon Bell (RB) (PIT)

Some controversy has come up with this fan-favored running back. He’s reportedly training on his own in Florida while the rest of his team is together in Pennsylvania. This is said to be due to some contract issues.

However, he’s still one of the best, and it doesn’t seem like he’s out of the running just yet. His recent injuries don’t appear to be keeping him from working on his strength, agility, and reaction time.

We think he’s a pick worth keeping an eye on this season. His past records show that he still has a lot to offer.

2. Aaron Rodgers (QB) (GB)

Although he didn’t have the best season start in 2016, Aaron Rodgers finished the season off with great numbers. He successfully completed 40 touchdown passes, leading the league.

It may be that he doesn’t have the greatest consistency, but when he’s in the game, he’s amazing. Don’t let this guy pass you by in your own picks.

3. Odell Beckham, Jr. (WR) (NYG)

The 2016 season saw the New York Giants with a new coach but this didn’t stop Odell Beckham, Jr., from excelling. As one of the fastest players to reach 200 receptions (getting them all in just 30 games) he has proven himself to be a great asset to his team.

His fellow players ranked him 8th in their picks for top 100 players of 2017. If they think he’s great, shouldn’t you?

4. Justin Tucker (K) (BAL)

Having tied for achieving the most 50+ yard field goals last year, Justin Tucker is someone you should watch out for. He doesn’t make the biggest splash as far as being in the most recent news, but that doesn’t diminish the constant solid performances he brings to his team.

2016 was a very successful year for Justin Tucker, and we feel he’ll continue that trend going forward into 2017.

5. Rob Gronkowski (TE) (NE)

Despite a series of injuries that have kept Rob Gronkowski out of several games last season, he seems to be making a full recovery that is sure to leave him fit and ready for the upcoming season. His record and achievements show just how much this guy is able to do.

With his injuries on the mend, he’s bound to coming out of the gate swinging this coming season which makes him one of our top football picks for 2017. We’re looking forward to seeing what he does next.

6. Antonio Brown (WR) (PITT)

Having entered the top 100 career receptions of all-time, 2016 was a great year for Antonio Brown. He certainly felt the same as his celebrations caused him to incur a few fines during that season. Although some fans believe them to have been unnecessary.

But none of that diminishes the fact that he is a solid wide receiver who should be watched carefully in the upcoming season. He seems to be getting better and better all the time.

7. Tom Brady (QB) (NE)

A lot of controversies have come up in recent years for Tom Brady. Any time you research his name, you’re bound to find some sort of scandal review. But we’re not here to talk about politics or out-of-game things.

We’re here to talk about the player and his stats. Tom Brady has skyrocketed his career with his stunning performances. It’s crazy to think that, at one time, he was an under-appreciated player.

These days, you would be even more crazy to not consider him one of the top football picks for the upcoming season.

8. David Johnson (RB) (ARI)

2016 was an excellent season for David Johnson and we’re expecting the same kind of spectacular performance again this season. He ranked second in rushing touchdowns and matched for the longest single-season streak in NFL history.

In January, he did suffer a knee injury that appeared to be serious, but it was just a sprain and did not require any surgery. This leaves us hopeful for another amazing season for David Johnson in 2017.

9. Travis Kelce (TE) (KC)

Another player that has had some troubles and resulting fines on the playing field. Being ejected from the field due to arguing with a referee can make Travis Kelce seem like a risky choice for any person’s football picks.

However, he had career highs in 2016, such as becoming only the 4th player in NFL history to achieve 100 receiving yards in 4 consecutive games. We are expecting the same performance this upcoming season.

10. Dan Bailey (K) (DAL)

Dan Bailey kicked four field goals for the Dallas Cowboys in their very first game last season. He went on to be a solid and consistent player for them throughout the rest of the season.

Although he is more of a wild card pick at this point, we feel he has a lot of untapped potentials that could make him be a great player to watch this upcoming season.

It’s Always Exciting to Talk about Football Picks

Fantasy football picks are all personal. We all have our favorites and it’s very easy to take a look at one person’s picks and think that they must be crazy.

However, these ten players are definitely ones you should continue to look for in your own picks. Not only do they bring a lot to a team, but they are generally well-loved by their fans and fellow players alike.

We feel these selections can help anyone with their own picks, whether you are new to the game or are a well-seasoned veteran. At the very least, you get to learn more about the players that make up your competition.

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