Three Important Facts About Sports Betting in 2022

Feb 1, 2022

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Sports betting is in for another huge year in 2022.

For 4 years now – since the federal ban was lifted in 2018 – there’s been steady growth in sports betting as more states continue to rescind old betting laws. New York, as the 4th largest US state, is joining the party as of January 2022 – a party that now contains 30 states with legal sports betting and over 100 million sports-loving people.

So, what does this mean for the state of sports betting this year? Today, we’re going to tell you 3 important facts about sports betting in 2022 that should give you a pretty good idea of what’s to come. Whether you’re in favor or against sports betting in your state, keep reading and you’ll find out all you need to know.

1. Legalization Equals Participation

When the government lifted the federal ban on sports gambling, many people thought that this would simply open gateways for people that were already betting on sports to bet legally. This was a Tom Brady-level miscalculation, as millions of new bettors – people that seem to have obeyed the law to some degree – have gotten in on the action.

According to the Washington Post, around 40 million Americans were expected to bet on the recently completed NFL season and $87 million has already been wagered since the law was repealed. It would seem that legalization equals participation.

2. Year-to-Year Growth Everywhere

2022 is expected to be another record year for sports betting and the potential for continued growth is fairly obvious anywhere you look. Almost all of the 20-something states that allowed sports betting before this year saw major growth and with a few big new states in the mix, like Ohio and New York, numbers are sure to skyrocket.

You don’t really need to look much farther than your TV screen to see the proof in the proverbial pudding. Advertisements for sports betting sites are on our screens during nearly every ad break, whether sports are on or not. The FCC has fielded many complaints from annoyed TV watchers as a result, but it goes to show how far the industry has come in such a short time.

3. Football Is Still King, But NBA Is On the Rise

When you take a look at sports betting in America, it’s easy to predict which sport brings the most value to the table. The NFL is and probably always will be (until it doesn’t exist) the most popular sport in this country, but there’s a fascinating contender coming to the fore in the NBA.

The NBA is a distant, but distinct 2nd for bettors – especially new ones. This is likely due to basketball’s popularity with younger viewers, which bodes well for NBA sports betting in the future as well as the present.

Enjoy Sports Betting Because You Can

It’s only a matter of time before every state legalizes sports betting, so this is an industry poised for immense growth in the coming years. Sports betting sites are numerous nowadays, which makes it hard to find the best sports betting apps and sites. Come back and visit us at Oskeim Sports Picks to set yourself up for sports betting success.