The Texas Tech Red Raiders: Perfect 4-0 ATS & Remain Undervalued

Oct 5, 2012

When sports investors think of Texas Tech, they immediately associate the Red Raiders with an explosive offense.  However, the Red Raiders have dominated their opponents this season based on an outstanding defense, which is the product of veteran defensive coordinator Art Kaufman.

Texas Tech Defense:

  • Texas Tech is allowing a mere 10.7 points per game this season, including 85 rushing yards (2.6 yards per carry), 82 passing yards (3.9 yards per pass play) and 167 total yards per game (3.1 yards per play).
  • Overall, the Red Raiders are an incredible 1.7 yards per rush attempt, 2.1 yards per pass attempt and 1.9 yards per play better than average defensively this season.
  • Specifically, Texas Tech’s defense was 3.0 yards per play better than average against Northwestern State, 1.3 yards per play better than average against Texas State, 2.2 yards per play better than average against New Mexico and 1.6 yards per play better than average versus Iowa State.

Texas Tech Offense:

  • The Red Raiders also take the field with an explosive offense that is averaging 43.7 points per game, 5.2 yards per rush attempt, 7.8 yards per pass attempt, 6.9 yards per play and 12.5 yards per point against teams that combine to allow just 6.1 yards per play to mediocre offensive squads.
  • Overall, Texas Tech’s offensive is 1.0 yards per pass attempt, 0.8 yards per play and 2.1 yards per point better than average this season, and the yards per point statistic best demonstrates the explosive nature of the Red Raiders’ attack.
  • Some investors will point to the fact that Texas Tech was limited to 395 yards last week against Iowa State, but the Cyclones have a solid defense that limits foes to just 4.9 yards per play at home.  The 24-13 final score was also misleading in that the Red Raiders gave up an 87-yard interception return.  Overall, Tommy Tuberville’s offense performed 0.5 yards per play better than average last week in a hostile road game against a conference opponent.

Texas Tech is a perfect 4-0 SU and ATS this season, which indicates that the Red Raiders continue to be undervalued by the oddsmakers and betting public alike.