Tennis Betting; All You Need To Know Guide

Mar 18, 2020

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The game of tennis has been around for hundreds of years and has recently become a popular sport to bet on.

Although it may seem as simple as choosing between two players, tennis betting is actually more complicated than that if you want to win consistently.

If you’re thinking about getting into tennis bets or have already gotten started and want to improve your strategies, keep reading to learn how to increase your own odds of winning.  Tennis betting can be extremely lucrative with the right advice.

1. Pick a Specialty

There are too many tennis matches going on around the world for you to be able to bet on them all and still have a good chance of winning.

For that reason, we recommend picking a specialty, whether it’s men’s or women’s tennis or a particular Grand Slam.

2. Keep Records

If you want to know how well you’re doing in your picks, you need to keep records. Look at them often and try to figure out where you went wrong with your losses so you can make adjustments to your strategy.

3. Watch for Upsets

One of the best ways to make a lot of money betting on a tennis match is to keep an eye out for a potential upset. When you bet against the favorite and win, you can end up with a huge win of your own.

4. Evaluate Playing Styles

To best guess when someone is going to win over another player, you have to understand the playing styles and how they match up.

The most common playing styles are:

  • Big server
  • Strong returner
  • Baseliner
  • Big backhand
  • Big forehand
  • Serve volleyer

Some of these playing styles will have advantages over the others, which gives you an idea as to who will win if two players have never played each other before.

5. Know the Turf

The type of surface that’s being played on will have a huge impact on how well each player does. Someone who excels on a clay court may not do as well on grass. Knowing a player’s win/loss history based on the surface can help you pick the winner.

6. Check Match-up Histories

Tennis players often face off against each other multiple times throughout their careers. Looking at the history of match-ups between those players can also help you choose who is most likely to win the match.

When two players have similar records against each other, that’s when you’ll want to take a closer look at their styles, the surface, and their recent playing records.

7. Follow Expert Betters

Our final tip is to find experts with great betting records that offer to share their picks and tips. They can give you insight into a match or help you make a final decision if you’re on the fence about a match.

Tennis Betting: Ready to Make Money?

Now you have seven tips that can help you choose how to place tennis bets. As you can see, tennis betting is an art form and doing some research can help you make great picks and increase your chances of winning.

If you’re ready to start betting, learn more about how sports betting can help you reach your goals.