TCU Horned Frogs – The Best Team in College Football

Nov 30, 2010

TCU completed its impressive 12-0 season on Saturday after dismantling New Mexico by a final score of 66-17.  And, while all of the talk remains centered on both Auburn and Oregon, my power rankings have TCU as the best college football team in the nation, bar none.  The Horned Frogs possess an explosive offense, while their team speed on defense is capable of stopping any offensive attack in football. 

OFFENSE (2010)

  1. TCU averaged 490.8  yards per game this season, including 5.5 yards per rush attempt, 9.0 yards per pass attempt, 6.7 yards per play and 11.3 yards per point. 
  2. TCU quarterback Andy Dalton completed 66.2% of his passes in 2010, while averaging 9.0 yards per pass play with a 26-6 ratio. 
  3. The Horned Frogs averaged 43.3 points per game this season, while boasting an average margin of victory of +31.9 points per game.

DEFENSE (2010)

  1. TCU allowed a mere 11.3 points per game in 2010, including 3.1 yards per rush attempt, 5.0 yards per pass attempt, 4.0 yards per play and 18.9 yards per point.
  2. TCU allowed 89.2 rushing yards per game and 126.2 passing yards per game, which are remarkable numbers in light of the fact that the Horned Frogs faced excellent offenses in San Diego State, Utah, SMU and Baylor. 
  3. The Horned Frogs were +14.4 in first downs, +171.3 in rushing yards, +104.1 in passing yards and +275.4 in total yards in 2010.

TCU is a perfect example of why college football needs a playoff system as some of the best teams in the nation are excluded from displaying their talent on a national stage.  After what TCU has accomplished this season, the Horned Frogs belong in the National Championship game.