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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting

Moneyline vs Spread Betting: Which Should You Choose?

Sports Betting 101: 9 Essential Things You Need to Know

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Sports betting isn’t something that was always legal. There was a period of time where only a handful of states allowed sports-related gambling. In fact, sports betting wasn’t completely legal throughout the United States until May of 2018! These previous rules, of course, didn’t completely eliminate sports betting like they intended to. Whether you’ve been in the […]

Betting Strategy: How to Read College Football Lines and Make Winning Picks

college football lines, best college football lines, live college football lines

In theory, it might seem as though betting on college football games would be pretty much the same as betting on NFL games. But finding the right college football lines to bet on can be more challenging in many cases. There are almost 130 FBS college football teams compared to just 32 NFL teams. That alone makes it difficult for sports […]


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