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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting

NFL Playoffs Bet vs. Regular Game Bet: What’s the Difference?

Sports Betting 101: Top 5 Things Every Bettor Must Know

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Sports betting isn’t something that was always legal. There was a period of time where only a handful of states allowed sports-related gambling. In fact, sports betting wasn’t completely legal throughout the United States until May of 2018! These previous rules, of course, didn’t completely eliminate sports betting like they intended to. Whether you’ve been in the […]

Live Betting Explained: How to Make Bets Using Live Odds

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Is there anything more frustrating than going to put in a bet on a college football or NFL game at the last minute only to realize that your sportsbook has stopped accepting wagers on the game because it just started? Years ago, there was nothing sports bettors could do when they found themselves in this scenario. They had to move on to another […]

Sports Betting Guide: 5 College Football Betting Tips to Win More This Season

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If you had to guess which college football teams covered the point spread most often during the 2018 season, which teams would you guess? Most people would probably guess top-tier teams like Alabama and Clemson. But in reality, teams like Florida International, UAB, BYU, Syracuse, and Louisiana-Lafayette all performed better against the spread than Alabama and Clemson. That goes […]