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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting

Free Sports Picks: Nick Pivetta, Philadelphia Invade Camden Yards

Free Sports Picks: Nick Pivetta, Philadelphia Invade Camden Yards

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Oskeim previews the interleague baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday, May 15. Oskeim recommends taking the Phillies as one of his free sports picks. Oskeim also provides sports bettors with updated injury news throughout the major leagues so be sure to scroll down beyond the free sports picks. Philadelphia right-hander […]

Why Professional Sports Bettors Join Oskeim Sports Picks

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Why Professional Sports Bettors Join Oskeim Sports Consulting Work Ethic – Oskeim Sports is owned and operated by Jeff Keim, whose sole purpose is providing you with the best investment advice on the market, bar none.  Oskeim Sports’ work ethic is unrivaled in the industry, and Jeff’s passion for the sports handicapping industry is unprecedented. Results – Oskeim’s sports […]

Principles to Help Sports Bettors Reach their Investment Goals

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1. Goals A sports bettor should always delineate clear, appropriate investment goals that are both measurable and attainable.  Too often sports bettors will fall victim to the endless “get rich quick” schemes peddled by the multitude of scam-artists in the handicapping industry.  Here at Oskeim Sports, we help our clients create reasonable investment goals that […]

Oskeim Sports’ Sharp Money Report for Tuesday, January 12

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Oskeim Sports has professional contacts throughout the world that allows it to provide its private clients with the best sports investment information in the industry, bar none.  For the purposes of today’s blog article, Oskeim Sports is going to share with its viewers which college basketball sides are attracting the most money from professional sports […]