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BREAKING NEWS: Landmark Supreme Court Decision Says States Can Allow Sports Betting

Sports Betting 101: 9 Essential Things You Need to Know

Sports Betting 101: 9 Essential Things You Need to Know

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Sports betting isn’t something that was always legal. There was a period of time where only a handful of states allowed sports-related gambling. In fact, sports betting wasn’t completely legal throughout the United States until May of 2018! These previous rules, of course, didn’t completely eliminate sports betting like they intended to. Whether you’ve been in the […]

The Life of a Sports Handicapper in a Largely Unregulated Industry

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In a previous blog article dated December 6, 2017, I discussed my unlikely journey from practicing law to becoming a sports handicapper.  I wrote that article in response to the seemingly endless questions I receive when people learn that I’m a professional sports handicapper and full-time sports bettor. Fast-forward almost eleven years and I am still […]

An Action Plan to Protect Yourself From Unscrupulous Sports Handicappers

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With sports betting at an all-time high in terms of popularity, an increasing number of bettors are turning to sports handicapping sites for advice.  Unfortunately, the sports handicapping industry is largely unregulated and rife with fraud and abuse. While there are several legitimate and successful sports handicappers, the vast majority of sports pick websites are […]

Why Professional Sports Bettors Join Oskeim Sports Picks

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Why Professional Sports Bettors Join Oskeim Sports Consulting Work Ethic – Oskeim Sports is owned and operated by Jeff Keim, whose sole purpose is providing you with the best investment advice on the market, bar none.  Oskeim Sports’ work ethic is unrivaled in the industry, and Jeff’s passion for the sports handicapping industry is unprecedented. Results – Oskeim’s sports […]