The Sports Handicapping Industry Exposed; Bettors Beware

Aug 24, 2014


In my previous blog article entitled “What the Sports Handicapping Industry Doesn’t Want Bettors to Know,” I outlined a number of secrets held by the handicapping industry that are willfully kept from the betting public.  From selling a product predicated upon part-time work to distributing client’s personal information to the highest bidder, the sports handicapping industry engages in unscrupulous business practices that undermine the trust of sports bettors everywhere.

Unfortunately, the sports handicapping industry engages in other deceptive business practices intended to mislead and exploit unsuspecting bettors.  While there are a handful of respected and trustworthy handicapping services – Right Angle Sports, Inside The Line, Pro Edge Sports Picks and The Sports Boss to name a few – the vast majority of services should be rejected by the betting public.  Please find below additional business practices that have become too commonplace within the sports handicapping industry:

1. Have you noticed how most handicapping services have multiple clubs or levels of service?  The infamous up-sell goes like this – a boiler-room salesman offers the bettor selections at an extremely low introductory rate.  Whether the games win or lose are of little consequence as the salesman will always call back with an opportunity to get the “better” level of plays.  This process usually extends for weeks or even months until the bettor’s credit card is maxed out.  The hope of even better plays keeps the unsuspecting bettor coming back because he’s desperate for winners, while the salesman on the other end of the phone is simply fabricating the various levels to bleed the client dry.

I offer serious sports bettors with two premium subscription options – the 5 Star Club and the Platinum Club.  The 5 Star Club consists of my own personal selections (2* thru 5*), while the Platinum Club involves selections from the various betting syndicates I am affiliated with.  You can compare both services here.

2. The majority of sports handicapping services do not provide detailed analysis in support of their selections.  Why?  The answer is quite simple – the purported handicappers are entirely devoid of the requisite analytical skills and/or the capacity to write coherently.  You see, these handicappers are not really experts at their craft; they are snake-oil salesmen who prey upon desperate gamblers who are susceptible to believing the most outlandish claims.

I offer detailed analysis with all of my selections so that my private clients understand the reasoning behind the sports picks.  Of course, there are a few exceptions to the general rule above as both Right Angle Sports and Pro Edge Sports Picks are widely-respected and highly-successful handicapping services that do not provide write-ups with their sports picks.

With the number of sports handicapping services growing by the minute, it’s fair to say that the industry’s reputation will only get worse until sports bettors empower themselves and demand more.  Until the consumer votes with his/her wallet, these charlatans will continue to take advantage of the most vulnerable bettors among us.