The Life of a Sports Handicapper in a Largely Unregulated Industry

Feb 12, 2018

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In a previous blog article dated December 6, 2017, I discussed my unlikely journey from practicing law to becoming a sports handicapper.  I wrote that article in response to the seemingly endless questions I receive when people learn that I’m a professional sports handicapper and full-time sports bettor.

Fast-forward almost eleven years and I am still actively involved in the sports picks industry, both selling my proprietary information to sports bettors to investing my own money on the games I recommend to clients.

The Emotional Turmoil of a Sports Handicapper

In those eleven years, I have experienced every emotion on the spectrum of life.  The pure elation after getting my first sale to the utter despair precipitated by a prolonged losing streak.  The thrill of winning a huge sports bet to the dejection felt after suffering a bad beat

The pride felt after eclipsing the previous year’s annual revenue to the stress induced by falling short of projected sales. The satisfaction of receiving positive emails from grateful clients to the self-doubt caused by receiving critical emails from the same client base.

The Fraud and Deceit Within the Sports Picks Industry

While I was prepared to experience pushback from some sports handicappers in the sports picks industry, I was shocked by the level of fraud and deceit some competitors were willing to engage in.

Take the sports handicapper who plagiarized my personal biography and used it as his own.  He literally copied my biography and pasted it onto his sports picks site!  To be fair, the sports handicapper changed the college at which he purported to graduate from!

I will never forget the sports handicapper who stole my work product and used it as his own.  This particular scam-artist copied the emails I sent to my client and used them, word for word, as his own.

The sports handicapper was affiliated with, which is widely regarded as a failing sports handicapping service (poor management, endless litigation and mounting debt) that provides subpar betting advice.

After exposing the fraud, Pregame’s sports handicapper was made to apologize but was allowed to continue selling his sports picks through the website.  As of the date of this blog post, the unscrupulous sports handicapper remains a featured member at Pregame.

Why Oskeim Sports Has Survived for More than a Decade

The main reason for Oskeim Sports’ success is its long-term record of success. Oskeim Sports consistently outperforms the stock market (since 2007) and provides its members with unparalleled customer service.

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Sports bettors appreciate the fact that Oskeim Sports is fully transparent, publishing every sports pick in an easily accessible pick archive shortly after each game starts.

If you are a serious sports bettor looking to generate a significant return on your investment, consider becoming a valued member of Oskeim Sports.  You will quickly discover why Oskeim Sports is the fastest growing sports handicapping service in the nation.

Oskeim Sports’ work ethic, passion and dedication are unrivaled.  Oskeim Sports provides both market influence and closing line value.

In short, Oskeim Sports is an innovative sports handicapping service dedicated to providing the most profitable sports betting advice on the market.

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