Sports Betting Platforms: Times are Changing, and it’s True

Apr 27, 2020

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Some people are afraid of change and try to hold you back when things are shifting in a different direction. However, it’s very important in your life that you learn to adapt and most of all, to identify which types of change are good and which are not, so that you can think about it and come to smart conclusions regarding your business.

If you’re in the sports betting industry, then you know things have been changing for good in the past few years, you know that new business models like Price per Head have come to take over and help everyone have a chance to be a world-class business owner.

It is true, times are changing in the sports betting industry; it’s not the same from what it was 20, 15 or even 5 years ago. Things are a lot more interactive now, completely online, leaving the phones behind, things need to be updated by the minute, or even by the second because many things can happen in one minute in sports.

This is why Price per Head and experienced operators like have come to be such an important part of this business because they can offer you and your operation the experience, the platform, and the tools to become the bookie you always dreamed of.

What can Price per Head do for me as a bookie?

A very important question, but more important than this is the answer to the question. Price per Head services like can and will provide you with everything you need to be able to cover your day to day operations, all for just a small weekly fee per active customer.

This is all it takes for your operation to grow exponentially and reach the highest levels of success; those you could only dream of, not so long ago.

Forget about the phones and the old way to do business, and take a look at what Price per Head can offer you:

– Your very own sportsbook website

– Safety and security for you and your players

– A state-of-the-art sports betting platform

– Mobile experience

– Customer service support 24/7

– Minute to minute reporting tools for live information

– Live betting

– Virtual casino games and much more

It’s time to adapt to the new era of bookmaking and evolve into something bigger and better, both for you and your players. Forget the past, we all enjoyed it when it was all we had, but the truth is that things are a lot better now, a lot more accessible, and from the palm of your hand and the tips of your fingers, you can control, offer and play on anything, on any event in the world you want to.

Here at Real Bookies we’re more than ready to help! Give us a call today and enjoy of our free trial, so that you can get a real taste of the experience of joining a good Price per Head service.  Sports betting has never been easier.

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