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How did Jeffrey Keim become a professional handicapper?

Jeffrey Keim first started handicapping games in 1997 while attending The University of Connecticut School of Law.  Jeffrey continued analyzing games and perfecting his handicapping methodology during his career as a litigation attorney at a private law firm in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  The betting public became aware of Jeffrey's handicapping success in 2004 when he started publishing his picks on various sports betting forums, including Statfox.com.  In 2007, Jeffrey retired from the practice of law and established Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC where he handicaps sports full-time.

When do you release your sports picks?

All sports picks are released no later than 4 p.m. eastern time Monday-Friday, and no later than 12 p.m. eastern time Saturday-Sunday. However, most sports picks will be released much earlier than the above-indicated times in order to allow clients to obtain the best possible lines. Market conditions ultimately determine when we release sports picks our private clients.

How do I receive the sports picks that I purchased?

All sports picks are delivered by way of email and/or text message for maximum convenience.

Are your sports picks independently documented and transparent?

Oskeim Sports offers unparalleled transparency as every sports pick is published contemporaneously in its Pick Archive. From June, 2007 to June, 2014, Oskeim Sports was independently documented by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma.  From 2014 to 2019, Oskeim Sports was independently monitored at Handicapper's Watchdog.  After Handicapper's Watchdog unexpectedly closed in 2019, Oskeim Sports has been monitored by The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma and Sports Watch.

Jeffrey Keim has received over 50 distinguished awards from the sports monitors listed above during his tenure as a professional handicapper.  Oskeim Sports is predicated upon honesty and integrity, and having a documented record is consistent with its mission statement.

What payment methods do you accept?

We access all major credit and debit cards for online purchases.  If you would like to pay using Western Union, MoneyGram, cashier's checks, money orders or bitcoin, simply call Jeff toll-free at 888-631-6459.

Is using my credit card through your site safe?

Yes. OskeimSports.com uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure your information is passed to us securely.  All credit card transactions are encrypted and processed via Authorize.net.  Your data is not stored at OskeimSports.com, so we do not have access to it.

Do you sell your clients’ personal and/or private information to third parties, such as other handicapping companies?

No. Being a lawyer, Jeffrey Keim is sensitive to the privacy concerns of his clients and will never breach that trust by selling their personal information (i.e., phone numbers, email addresses) to anyone. For more information on this subject, please see our privacy policy located on the homepage.

Do you guarantee your sports picks?

No. In sports investing, there is no such thing as a "guarantee". To suggest otherwise would be completely disingenuous and would undermine the credibility of Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC. Accordingly, we adhere to a 'no refund' policy.

How can I contact you if I have a question or would like to join Oskeim Sports?

You can call Jeffrey Keim direct at (888) 631-6459, or email him at info@oskeimsportspicks.com. If you call, you will speak directly to Jeffrey as he does not employ any secretaries or salesmen.

Do you offer money management advice?

Yes. For a detailed analysis of our money management principles, as well as on how to use our star-rated system, please visit the "Money Management" link found on the homepage.

How do you rate your sports picks?

We utilize a star-based system to grade our investments. Our rating system is predicated upon five levels of investments: 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* and 5*. All sports picks are graded against the predominant line available at the time of release.

Do you offer weekly, monthly and/or seasonal subscriptions?

Yes. Based on our documented performance in sports investing, new members subscribing to a 7 day, 30 day, season or annual package will receive special introductory prices. To address the needs of different members, packages are available by sport, time period and/or playoffs. Since we believe sports investing should focus on the longer term, you receive better value for the money by choosing a progressively longer package.

Can I upgrade a shorter-term subscription to a longer-term subscription?

Of course!  Simply contact us anytime before the halfway point of your current subscription and we will be happy to upgrade a shorter-term subscription to a longer-term subscription.

Do you offer a free trial of your premium sports picks?

Absolutely!  We would be happy to give you a free trial on our premium selections.  After creating a new customer account, either call (888-631-6459) or email (info@oskeimsportspicks.com) Jeffrey Keim to receive a free one-week subscription.  We also provide free plays each day on our Free Sports Picks page.

Can I post your paid sports picks on other websites or share the information with non-members?

No. Any member caught posting paid sports picks on other websites, using them as their own plays or sharing them with others, without prior written consent of Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC, will have their membership terminated immediately. A violation of the foregoing will, further, result in an immediate forfeiture of the offending member's paid subscription fee (i.e. no refund will be issued). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How many sports picks can I expect as a member of Oskeim Sports?

Historically, Oskeim Sports has averaged approximately 12-15 sports picks per week, although the specific number of sports picks (i.e. volume) is ultimately determined by the inefficiencies in the sports betting market during the period of your membership.

What happens if you pass on a day during my subscription?

If you purchase a one-week or one-month subscription and we do not release any sports picks on a day, or if there are no games scheduled on a day, simply call Jeffrey Keim at 888-631-6459 or email him at info@oskeimsportspicks.com to have a day added to your subscription term.

What happens if I fail to generate a profit during my subscription?

If you fail to show a profit during your subscription (using our star-rating system), we would be happy to offer you a discount on any subscription renewal.  Just call Jeffrey Keim at 888-631-6459 or email him at info@oskeimsportspicks.com.

Why is Expected Value and/or Closing Line Value so Important?

Oskeim Sports has become one of the most respected and influential sports handicapping services because it routinely beats the closing line, thereby providing its clients with positive Expected Value (+EV).  "Expected Value" is simply the average result a bettor would expect from a particular event if that event was repeated an infinite number of times. The more +EV picks that are made by a sports investor, the more success that bettor will have in the long run.

Not only does Oskeim Sports beat the closing line over 80% of the time (i.e. +EV picks), its team of word-class handicappers and professional bettors understand that both risk and return are paramount to understanding the concept of Expected Value.  In short, closing line value is an integral component to determining whether a handicapper has an edge over the sports books.