Prop Betting 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Sports Bettors

Apr 9, 2019

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How to Prop Bet

Are you tired of betting on the same types of bets? Is the money line, over/under, and spread bet just too simple and boring to you? If you answered yes to one of these questions, and are looking to make fresh, exciting bets, then check out the endless possibilities of prop betting.

This article will walk you through just exactly what prop betting is, along with showing the reader how to prop bet.

Prop betting is betting on a proposition bet or taking a bet that is not defined by the final score of the game. When betting on the basic set of bets (money line, over/under, spread), the final score dictates all. Most of the time in this situation, bettors will have to wait until the contest is over to find out if they won or not.

The final score dictates these simple bets, restricting gamblers to have to try to beat the sportsbooks at their game.

Prop betting is the exact opposite. When prop betting, bettors have the option to bet on nearly anything in the contest that could happen. When we say that there are endless prop betting options to choose from, we aren’t using hyperbole.

There are literally endless prop bets to choose from in all kinds of sports. Prop bets include bets like “Will a touchdown be scored in the first 10 minutes of the game?” or “Will there be an even or odd number of points scored in the first half?”

These are just two examples expressing the wide range of bets that prop betting possesses. Listed below are other ways to take advantage of the prop bet.

● Exact score of game

Most popular in low scoring sports such as soccer and baseball, betting on the exact score is one popular and profitable way to make a prop bet. Being able to predict the right score will usually be priced around +800 for the bettor, with more lucrative score lines paying out even more if guessed correctly.

While this can be very difficult to do, a winning bet on the correct score of a game has the potential to 10x your money (at least!).

● Player to score / First player to score / Player Stats

Maybe you don’t want to bet on the game, but instead, want to place a wager on your favorite player putting in a strong performance. Prop betting allows users this ability. Sportsbooks often offer prop bets for individual performances.

With these individual prop bets, bettors can bet on the players game stats, such as betting on Tom Brady’s passing yards to be over/under 320 yards in a game, or placing a wager on if LeBron James will score less or more than 28.5 points in his next game. These “individual performance” each have their own attributes for each different sport but always represent an interesting and fun way to wager on sports.

● Result After “x” minutes

One of the more predictable ways to prop bet is to make wagers on the score of the game after a certain amount of time. Bookies will offer a number of time-dependent bets on games, allowing bettors to predict the score or winning team at a certain time in the match or game.

For example, a prop bet that appeals to many bettors is the “Will there be a touchdown scored by either team by the 5-minute mark in the first quarter?” or “Will a goal be scored within the first 15 minutes of the match?”. Time-reliant bets are offered in nearly every sport and offer great opportunities for those looking to mix up your bets.

● And more

Prop bets can be made on nearly anything. This list covers such a small portion of what is really possible with prop betting and should get you thinking about all of the interesting dynamics that prop betting has opened up in the betting world.

Advantages of Prop Betting

Think of prop bets as side bets that can be tracked by sportsbooks. These side bets come with a number of advantages and disadvantages for the bettor.

Some advantages of prop betting include:

● Prop Betting can be highly profitable

Although no bets guaranteed a profit, prop bets do carry huge winning potential if a winning prop bet is hit. When bettors are able to accurately predict a game going to overtime, or predict who will score the first goal in a soccer match, the winnings will usually always be 10 to 20 times the amount bet.

● Prop Betting has the potential to be predictable

Prop betting can be considered predictable to many. For example, sportsbooks will offer personal stat lines for players in the NBA. This allows bettors the opportunity to study certain matchups and take advantage of knowledge.

When betting on a studied player and their performances, sharp bettors will be able to browse through the masses of prop bets and pick out a winner. Sportsbooks typically focus on the standard betting lines and can be taken advantage of in the prop betting category.

● Prop Betting is straight up fun

One other reason that is not often mentioned with prop betting is that it is extremely interesting, and makes almost any game exciting. All sports have their own prop bets, and betting on these prop bets is guaranteed to make any game or match more captivating than ever before. With big payouts on a number of bets, prop betting is a fun and low-risk way to spice up a sporting event.

Disadvantages of Prop Betting

● So many prop bets

One problem when prop betting is the volume of prop bets that are offered by sportsbooks. When browsing the prop bet options, try not to get lost in all of the options, as there are so many things to place wagers on.

● Sucker Bet potential

While prop betting is quite fun, it is possible to get carried away. Make sure to not spread your money to thin with prop bets, as some of them are never going to happen. Prop bets that offer ridiculous payouts should be reconsidered one or two times before placing a bet. Sportsbooks understand that bettors want to make the quick bucks, but make sure your prop bet is one that has a chance of hitting!


There is so much to explain about prop bets, but it is impossible to include everything in this video. One thing that is true about prop bets is that they must be experienced, not read about. All sharp and savvy bettors look for ways to get an edge on the sportsbook, the prop betting gives gamblers just that.

Offering endless opportunities in the betting world, prop bets are offered from every reputable sportsbook. The next time you are thinking of placing a bet on the game, do yourself a favor and give a look to some of the prop bets on the match!