What Pro Edge Sports Picks Offers Sports Bettors

Sep 26, 2013

Sports handicapping services are a dime-a-dozen these days as fly-by-night operations are popping up on the internet on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the sports handicapping industry is largely unregulated, although services and handicappers alike are under the jurisdiction of state and federal consumer laws that are meant to protect the buyer.  As a member of Pro Edge Sports Picks, you will be treated with the upmost respect and professionalism by our staff.  You will be treated like a person as opposed to just another “sale” or “opportunity to make money.”  Pro Edge Sports Picks also offers sports bettors and gamblers the following benefits:


  • By exploiting inefficiencies in the sports betting market, our team of word-class experts have provided sports bettors with a positive return on investment for years. Pro Edge has become one of the most respected handicapping services in the industry;
  • Consumer privacy and confidentiality are of the upmost importance to our staff, which is why Pro Edge does not sell or distribute our client’s  personal information;
  • Earning the trust of sports bettors worldwide is one of our major objectives, which is why every sports pick we release is published contemporaneously on the homepage.  No hidden tricks, smokescreens or lies.  Full transparency is a trademark of Pro Edge Sports Picks;
  • One of the biggest epidemics in the business world is a lack of customer service. Pro Edge adheres to a simple philosophy: The customer is entitled to a knowledgeable support staff when he/she needs it most.  Simple, right?
  • Pro Edge offers the sports bettor both independence and value.  We are independent from all other sports books and handicapping services, thereby avoiding any and all inherent conflicts of interest.  Pro Edge also offers the same sports picks to everyone.  We do not have multiple clubs or levels of service. Offering value and competitive pricing shouldn’t be complicated, right?
  • Pro Edge offers an industry-first rewards program that offers new members an unconditional 10% discount, together with a 20% unconditional discount on all future subscription renewals.  We also appreciate referrals, which account for a large percentage of our business.  Therefore, we give members $50 per referral (no limits). The more you refer, the more you make.  It’s that simple.

Pro Edge Sports Picks stands for putting the sports bettor first.  No gimmickry or high-pressure sales tactics.  No disingenuous promises or get-quick-rich schemes that would make Bernie Madoff blush.  Pro Edge offers a refreshing approach to sports betting that is honest, straight-forward and independent.  Join today and start experiencing why Pro Edge Sports Picks has become the service the professionals trust.