Bookmaking Guidelines Within Price Per Head Industry

Apr 18, 2020

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The Price per Head industry has come to be one of the most, if not the most, important partners that any bookmaker in the world can have.

Here at we’re well aware of that and we want to help you make the most out of your business, helping you take care of your players, improve your online betting platform, helping you keep track of your numbers and, most of all, helping you enjoy the life of a bookmaker as it should be, being able to enjoy your games, have some free time, be successful and know that you’re helping others enjoy sports betting in a safe and secure platform. 

The top Price per Head sites will help you achieve success in the sportsbook industry in many different ways that were quite complicated before, just a few years ago. With us, you will see that things have changed quite a bit in this industry and that not much is necessary, nowadays, to be able to offer a world-class service that would make anyone proud. 

What are some of the basic guidelines for building a successful sportsbook operation? 

There is no secret formula for this, and many bookmakers in the world have had success before, going through different paths. However, here at we have been able to identify and list some of the basic guidelines that will help you achieve your desired results in the shortest amount of time: 

– Think mobile first 

– Sports betting is done online now a days, forget about phone calls 

– Make sure you come up with a great website, where your players will look forward to log-in every day. 

– Offer a wide variety of lines and markets 

– Forget about high season vs. low season; players want to bet every single day 

– 24/7 Customer Service 

– Best online reporting tools so you can track your numbers live and make better decisions 

There is a reason why Price per Head has proven to be bookies’ best ally in the past few years, and why bookmakers from all over the world make the decision to join every day.

With PPH you will have a whole company giving you backup and making sure you reach the highest level of success, you will have some of the sharpest line movers in the industry taking care of your risk, and if it wasn’t enough, your initial and long term investment will be cut to a minimum, making sure to take care of your pocket and savings. 

If you join now and if you follow these basic guidelines, things will be much easier for you from now on, and you’ll be able to enjoy the real life of a bookie.

Remember, with Price per Head, all you need to invest to get started is maybe a couple hundred dollars, depending on the number of players that you bring. Usual rates go from as low as $7 to as high as $20 per week per active player, and that’s all it takes for the best PPH providers in 2020 like to give you full support. 

Are you ready to take this big step into success? Contact us now and let’s get this done. We’re waiting for you!