What Does a PayPerHead Service Include?

Apr 27, 2020

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Do you keep seeing the term pay-per-head (PPH) service, but don’t know what’s being offered? We’re going to discuss what’s included in a PPH service throughout the rest of this article.

You may be wondering how it’s possible to launch a sportsbook with a limited investment, but there isn’t any catch or hidden fees. PPH services include everything you need other than cash/clients.

PayPerHead (PPH) Features

Are you looking for quality pay per head contract management services that include such things as 24/7 customer service, sharp line monitoring and live in-play wagering?

Here are all of the major features that are offered by the leading PPH services:

  • Software/Website: You’ll receive a fully functional website with custom bookie software when you utilize a PPH provider and you don’t need to worry about development or updates.


  • Odds Management: It’s possible to set your own lines, but that’s not feasible when there are hundreds of markets. The best PPH services have a team of odds managers that follow the markets daily and will ensure you’re offering only the sharpest lines to your clients.


  • Player Support: A reputable PPH service invested in your growth will have a team of support reps available 24/7 for your players. The best PPH shops have call centers and your players will be able to receive support or place bets while you’re free to do anything else.


  • Business Support: If you’re new to the industry, you’re not going to know how most features even work or how to set everything up, so find a service willing to provide business support.


  • Complete Gambling Solution: PPH services don’t just allow you to launch a sportsbook with hundreds of betting markets, but you’ll also have an online casino and racebook. However, there’s no cashier option and you’ll be required to collect/payout your clients.


  • Live Betting: Live or in-play betting is essential to offer nowadays as a bookie. Not only will your players love betting live, but these markets are often very profitable for bookies, as in-play markets have higher juice and many players are simply gambling for fun.


  • Mobile Betting: Not only can your clients place bets using a dedicated 1-800 number from anywhere in the world, but your website will be accessible from mobile devices.


  • Reports: Don’t spend any more time tracking data and generating your own reports. A PPH service will take care of tracking all of your important financial data. Learn exactly how much exposure you have to every market, what you’re owed, what you owe, and much more.

You can’t beat the number of features available at PPH services. You’ll be able to launch your bookie business today if you want. All you need to do is market and find new clients to start betting.

Everything is one low price per player (weekly) as well, which makes it affordable to launch a bookie on any budget. Just make sure you keep a big enough bankroll to payout any winners.