Oskeim Sports Platinum Club – Exclusive Access to Sharp Money Moves

Jun 8, 2013

The Platinum Club consists of  selections from the most powerful betting syndicates in the gambling industry, bar none.  Since introducing the Platinum Club to the general public in 2009, the various betting conglomerates have generated unparalleled profits for members of Oskeim Sports. Specifically, the Platinum Club’s Pinnacle Syndicate is a documented 180-102 (63.8%) since March, 2009, including going 24-10 (71%) over its last 34 releases.  Similarly, the Platinum Club’s Vegas Syndicate is a documented 136-89 (60.4%) since December, 2009.

Consistent with my overall goal of providing 100% transparency, all of the Platinum Club’s selections are published contemporaneously at the following location:

Documented Records: https://www.oskeimsportspicks.com/platinumrecords.php

Platinum Club members subscribe to a low volume/high quality approach to sports investing, which is an excellent way to maximize one’s return on investment.  As opposed to the plethora of scam-artists and fly-by-night operations who release 8-10 sports picks per day, the Platinum Club consists of 3-5 sports picks per week.  More importantly, the Platinum Club’s sports picks represent true money moves from the most powerful conglomerates in the industry.  I am grateful for the contacts I have developed over the last 7+ years, and I am pleased to offer my clients with the best investment advice on the market.

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