Oskeim Sports Open Letter to Clients; Celebrating 7 Years in Business

Jun 7, 2014


On Saturday, I will be celebrating my 7 year anniversary as President and C.E.O of Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC. It is because of your loyal support that Oskeim Sports has become the fastest growing and most successful sports advisory firm in the industry. Many of you have been with me since the inception, while others have been valued members for several years. Regardless of whether you have been with me for one day or seven years, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve your investment needs.

In honor of you – the members who have made the last seven years possible – I am offering the following anniversary specials (50% off):

1. One Year 5 Star Club and Platinum Club Subscription (all sports) for $979;

2. Six Month 5 Star Club and Platinum Club Subscription (all sports) for $695;

3. Three Month 5 Star Club and Platinum Club Subscription (all sports for $495;

4. 2014-2015 5 Star Club and Platinum Club Football Season Subscription for $825

The above-referenced subscription specials are valid for the next 48 hours, which covers my firm’s anniversary weekend. If you are interested in taking advantage of one of these specials, which also includes extending your existing subscription, simply respond by saying, “I’m In, Jeff” and I will immediately upgrade your account. Or, simply complete the transaction online at the above links.

Oskeim Sports Return on Investment:

2007: 87.2%
2008: 76.3%
2009: 61.1%
2010: 39.2%
2011: 42.3%
2012: 32.3%
2013: 111.5%

These results are independent of the Returns generated by the Platinum Club, which have been in excess of 70% since 2009.

I sincerely appreciate the trust you have placed in my sports investment firm and look forward to another seven years together. Again, if interested, simply respond by saying “I’m In!”

Jeff Keim
Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC

P.S. A special thank you to all of the Lifetime Members who have been overly generous in making voluntary contributions that allow me to secure the best information/sources in the industry. Your support continues to be invaluable.