Oskeim Sports – An Open Letter to Clients Regarding Recent Sports Picks

May 17, 2014

Good morning,

During my seven-year career as a private litigation attorney and now as President and CEO of Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC, I have always believed in maintaining an open and honest dialogue with my clients. Consistent with that policy, I wanted to address the recent downturn we’ve experienced since the start of May.

Like you, I am extremely disappointed (disgusted, actually) with the results over the last ten days. Since May 1, we have sustained a net loss of 16.6 stars, which leaves us with a net profit of +17.1 stars in 2014 (thru May 8). While an annual Return on Investment of 42.8% is very good, that figure is of little comfort for those of us who have lost 50% of our net profit over the last eight days. While the last 8-10 days have been extremely difficult from both an emotional and financial standpoint, it is important to not overreact to short-term variance as sports investing requires a long-term approach, and my documented record of success over the last seven years should give you comfort moving forward.

To put the last eight days into context, I carefully reviewed my previous three years to illustrate how losing streaks are an inevitable part of sports betting. And, despite these downturns, I have always managed to generate a significant Return on behalf of my clients.

Past Losing Streaks vs. Overall Results:

In 2011, I suffered three significant losing months:

December: -20.7 net stars
November: -20.6 net stars
March: -14.9 net stars

As you can see from the numbers above, I actually lost a combined 41.3 net stars in the final two months of the trading year. However, despite that downturn, I still produced an overall net profit of +50.53 stars for an annual Return on Investment of 42.3%.

In 2012, I sustained three memorable losing months:

July: -13.1 net stars
June: -8.7 net stars
March: -25.42 net stars

Like 2011, despite the losing months incurred in 2012, I still generated an overall net profit of +38.8 stars for an Annual Return on Investment of +32.2%.

In 2013, I suffered one particular bad month:

April: -12.7 net stars

I also had several other losing months in 2013 (smaller margins), but still ended the year with record profits of +133.7 net stars for an Annual Return on Investment of +111.5%.

The point of outlining previous downturns is to illustrate that variance is an inherent part of sports investing and, unfortunately, losing streaks are a part of the process. Exercising proper money management and maintaining a stable emotional outlook during the good times and bad are critical to succeeding in this venture. I have not forgotten how to handicap and remain optimistic about the endless possibilities in 2014.

I remain steadfast in my commitment of providing you with the best investment advice in the industry. I left a successful law practice to provide the betting public with an alternative that delivers industry-leading transparency, unparalleled results, unmatched customer service and an owner who cares deeply about the well-being of his clients. Earning your trust (and confidence) is paramount to my sports investment firm, and I will not let you down in 2014.

With that said, I am ultimately responsible for the poor results over the last ten days. Therefore, I have unilaterally extended your subscription by an additional one (1) month absolutely free.

As always, if you would like to discuss this matter in greater detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Best Regards,

Jeff Keim
Oskeim Sports Consulting, LLC