Which NFL Head Coaches Take Preseason Games Seriously?

Aug 7, 2014

With the NFL season underway, our experts at Pro Edge wanted to share with you which NFL head coaches take preseason games seriously.  We have found that betting preseason games can be extremely lucrative for several reasons, including the fact that some head coaches couldn’t care less about exhibition play, while others focus exclusively on developing a winning attitude in the locker room from the outset.

NFL Head Coaches Who Excel in Preseason Games:

  1. Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks): 21-12 SU and 23-9-1 ATS
  2. Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers): 8-4 SU and 8-4 ATS
  3. Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints): 16-13 SU & 18-11 ATS

Note: Some head coaches have decent records straight-up, but struggle against-the-spread.  John Harbaugh is 15-9 SU but only 13-11 ATS and Mike Tomlin is 19-10 SU but only 14-14-1 ATS.  Perhaps money-line wagers make sense when considering betting on either the Ravens and/or Steelers this preseason.

NFL Head Coaches Who Struggle in Preseason Games:

  1. Jim Caldwell (Detroit Lions): 2-10 SU and 4-8 ATS
  2. Mike Smith (Atlanta Falcons): 7-17 SU and 9-13-2 ATS
  3. Ken Whisenhunt (Tennessee Titans): 8-17 SU and 13-12 ATS
  4. Joe Philibin (Miami Dolphins): 2-7 SU and 1-8 ATS

It’s also important to look at teams that perform well at certain junctures of the NFL preseason.  For instance, Denver is 19-11 ATS in Game One, while the Packers are 12-19 ATS.  Here are some relevant ATS records as we enter the preseason:

NFL Preseason Records – Game One:

  1. Denver Broncos: 19-11 ATS (3-0 ATS L/3)
  2. New Orleans Saints: 18-13 ATS (3-0 ATS L/3)
  3. New York Giants: 19-11 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  4. Dallas Cowboys: 13-18 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  5. Buffalo Bills: 13-17 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  6. Green Bay Packers: 12-19 ATS (0-4 ATS L/4)
  7. New York Jets: 11-19 ATS (0-4 ATS L/4)

NFL Preseason Records – Game Two:

  1. Atlanta Falcons: 18-13 ATS
  2. Baltimore Ravens: 17-12 ATS (0-2 ATS L/2)
  3. Miami Dolphins: 17-11 ATS (7-1 ATS L/8)
  4. Minnesota Vikings: 19-10 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  5. New Orleans Saints: 18-11 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  6. New York Jets: 19-10 ATS (4-1 ATS L/5)
  7. Philadelphia Eagles: 20-10 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  8. Carolina Panthers: 7-12 ATS (1-6 ATS L/7)
  9. Indianapolis Colts: 13-18 ATS (2-0 ATS L/2)
  10. Kansas City Chiefs: 6-24 ATS (0-11 ATS L/11)
  11. Oakland Raiders: 12-19 ATS
  12. St. Louis Rams: 13-18 ATS (2-7 ATS L/9)

Who are the best teams to bet on in Week Three of the NFL preseason?  Take a look at the following teams: Atlanta Falcons (18-12 ATS), New York Jets (20-10 ATS), San Diego Chargers (17-11 ATS), San Francisco 49ers (19-12 ATS) and Seattle Seahawks (23-8 ATS) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (18-12 ATS).  Avoid Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Minnesota, New York Giants, Oakland and Pittsburgh.  From that list, stay far away from the Cowboys, Giants and Raiders!

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