NFL Futures Wagers: Betting the NFC East in 2020

Apr 14, 2020

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The NFC is always interesting but in 2020 it should be very interesting. The only division with every member on the ten most valuable franchises list will boast two new coaches and another on the hot seat. 

History would suggest… 

Over the last ten seasons, no organization has won the division in consecutive seasons though the Eagles have been the most consistent, winning four division titles and a Super Bowl over that time.

The task may prove to be more difficult this season as Mike McCarthy will be coaching the Cowboys. McCarthy won six division titles and a Super Bowl during his time with the Green Bay Packers.

Ron Rivera also joins the division after being fired in Carolina where he won four division titles and made a Super Bowl appearance. 

The Favorite 

Both Philadelphia and Dallas opened at (+120) to win the division but the Eagles have since become the favorite at (+100). Doug Pederson has become arguably one of the best coaches in the NFC even while we most likely haven’t seen Carson Wentz reach his full potential.

The fourth-year quarterback has yet to make a real appearance in a playoff game due to injuries in recent seasons. 

Wentz displayed significant growth last season, logging a career-low in interception percentage (1.2) with a career-best in yards (4,039) and attempts (607). 

The Value Play 

The funny thing about the value play is that there isn’t a ton of value in the Cowboys at (+125). You basically have two favorites and then two other teams. Dallas probably has more talent where it matters than the Eagles so if you are looking to make an extra $25 per unit wagered it would make sense to place a wager on the Cowboys here.

I am not the biggest Mike McCarthy fan and I am interested to see how he utilizes Zeke Elliott, but Amari Cooper is going to be an absolute superstar in this scheme. 

No thanks, I’m driving 

It is simply amazing to me that the New York Giants and Washington Redskins (yes, they are still called that) are valued as much as they are according to valuations. 

The Giants are currently third according to bookmakers at (+900) to win the division. The only shocking thing about that is that it’s under (+1000). You guys know that Daniel Jones is still the quarterback and Pat Shurmur is still the coach, correct? 

The one thing that you can hope for as a Giants fan is that Saquon Barkley continues to give you superstar play and remains healthy long enough for the organization to get it together and give him an opportunity to put it on display in the same manner that Derrick Henry just did during the Tennessee Titans run to the AFC title game. 

Pulling up the rear is the Washington Redskins at (+1400) after opening (+900). How quickly those odds dropped I don’t know, but I would be interested in knowing.

I am not sold on Dwayne Haskins but if we learned anything from Rivera’s regime in Charlotte it’s that he is fine letting the running backs handle the load. I do like the Peyton Barber addition in a low key signing, but there just isn’t enough talent on this roster surrounding this young quarterback.

Unfortunately, we may be watching a young quarterback play himself out of the league through very little fault of his own. 

My Pick 

I will take the extra $25 a unit and go with the Cowboys here as gross as that feels. I am not a huge Dak Prescott fan but you cannot argue with the numbers. Mike McCarthy isn’t a huge upgrade over Jason Garrett but it is an upgrade.

I also think Amari Cooper is about to have a Greg Jennings in his prime type season when he recorded at least 1,100 receiving yards in , our three consecutive seasons. Bet on the NFC South at our favorite pay per head bookie site.. 

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