New Year, Same Goals: 8 NFL Fantasy Football Resolutions You Should Make This Year

Jan 14, 2019

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Now that the 2018 fantasy football season has wrapped up, it’s time to forget about it until August, right? Not so fast! Start thinking about your 2019 strategy and who you might want to draft now.

With the average fantasy football player spending over $500 a year on league dues and draft fees, you want to get the best bang for your buck. Pay attention during the next few weeks of NFL playoffs and participate in some mock drafts in the next few months.

Keep reading for 8 NFL fantasy resolutions to make this year.

NFL Fantasy Draft 2019: New Year’s Resolutions

It’s never too early to start thinking about this year’s draft. Especially as you are coming off of the 2018 season, maybe as a champion or runner-up, or maybe as the ultimate loser in your league.

Whatever place you took, there are lessons to be learned and strategies to be updated (or kept) for the upcoming season. What better time to make note of what worked and what didn’t?

1. I Will Go with the Likely Outcome

How many times have you questioned whether you should play a tried-and-true player versus someone who is on a hot streak? If you play the seasoned and proven player and you lose with him, you’ll feel just as bad as if you don’t play him and lose with the hot player.

The takeaway message here is to go with the most likely outcome, not the long shot.

2. I Will Take a Tight End Early

There’s not a ton of talent in the tight end position. You might be tempted to pass on a tight end until later picks, but if you have the chance to draft one of the top players at this position, consider doing it early.

Ertz, Gronkowski, and Kelce are the big three and if you can get one of them, grab them up.

3. I’ll Be the First Person in the League to Take a Defense

There is a pretty broad consensus that you shouldn’t draft a defense until the end of the draft. That’s pretty good advice to go by. However, if you find yourself in round 12 or 13 and one of the top defenses is still available, go ahead and grab them.

You should also know how the scoring in your league works. Some leagues give more points to defenses that have a high number of sacks and turnovers while others reward teams that give up fewer points or yards. How your league scoring works will impact your decision on a defense, so check this out ahead of time.

Be the first person in your league to draft a defense and reap the rewards later!

4. I’ll Be the First Person in The League to Take a Kicker

Like your defense, most experts agree to hold off on drafting a kicker until the end of the draft. Also like your defense, if you have one you love, grab them up in the last three or four rounds.

Pay attention to your opponents and who they’ve drafted and draft a strong kicker before anyone else in your league.

5. I Will Not Draft a Quarterback in the First 5 Rounds

Drafting a quarterback in the early rounds seems like a good idea, right? You see a big name in round two or three and think you need to get them on your team. Wrong.

You should hold off drafting a quarterback because the difference between the number of points scored by the top picks and those who go later in the draft isn’t that much when spread out over the season.

If you can exercise some self-control, hold off on drafting a quarterback until later on in the draft, after round 5 if possible.

6. I Will Focus on Positions, Not Players

Instead of focusing on specific players you want, focus on drafting a certain position in each round. If you know that in round 3 you want a wide receiver, for example, you can focus on all the available receivers rather than freaking out when someone drafts the player you want right before your turn.

7. I Will Target Offenses

Players who are part of a strong offense will be much better off. Some superstar players are going to do well regardless of what them they are on. But other middle-of-the-pack players who are part of a strong offense are going to be good choices for you.

In 2018, targeting players from teams like Indianapolis, Chicago, and Dallas would have been a good choice for fantasy players.

8. I Will Trust Myself

Last but not least: trust yourself. How many times have you gone against your gut, taken advice from someone, and lost? There’s nothing more infuriating than going against what you think to trust someone else and having that blow up in your face.

Trust yourself, and only yourself, and then you’re the only one to blame when things go south. You know your team, players, and your opponents in your league, so trust your instincts.

What’s Your Fantasy Resolution?

You have about 8 months to really hone your NFL fantasy draft strategy for 2019, but the time will go fast! For some overall tips on how to dominate your fantasy league, check out our strategy guide.

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