Going for Two: Tips for Building an NFL Betting Strategy to Help You Earn More This Season

Sep 18, 2020

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The NFL season is officially back in swing, but it looks different than ever before. With everything going on in the world, the National Football League has had to make some changes.

One of those being that there were no preseason games. No rehearsal time for new teams and coaches. No room for error. Needless to say, that’s going to affect the way you place your NFL bets this season.

Never before has it been more necessary to have an NFL betting strategy. See below of several tips on how to build one in this unpredictable and unprecedented NFL season that everyone is experiencing.

1. Look at Depth, Not Just Star Players

Too often people place their NFL bets based on the starting lineup they see to begin the game. However, everyone knows that it’s a team game, not one by one particular person.

In this unpredictable 2020 NFL season, the need for depth will be far greater. With no preseason to get into football shape, you should expect a lot more injuries to key stars, thus causing a team to adopt more of a “next man up” mindset than ever before.

When you’re going to place your bets on games, take a look at the depth of the team, not just their stars.

For example, you might select the Green Bay Packers because of the connection Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams have. But what if one gets hurt? Now your bet is reliant on either a rookie QB (Jordan Love) or Rodgers throwing to a cast of unknown receivers.

Buy your sports picks after looking at a depth chart. Always go for the offenses with a cast of receivers, not just one go-to guy. If you’re taking stock in a team with a stout defense, make sure they have talent all around, not just the secondary or front seven.

2. Compare Your Notes

Before placing your bets every week, it’s wise to take out a sheet of paper, write down each matchup from that week, and write down how much you have teams winning by.

Once you do that, look at the sportsbook where you’re going to place your picks and scan the projections that they have. Look for any situations that would be in your favor.

For example, say you had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beating their opponent by 7 points, but the sportsbook gives 4 points. That’s a solid situation for you to take advantage of!

If you notice that there is a huge discrepancy, then there might be some breaking news that you missed such as an injury or suspension. Make sure to go through your sports news app (Bleacher Report and Yahoo Sports are best) to get up to date.

3. Start and Manage a Bankroll

Who doesn’t love the opportunity to get out there and put a little money on a key matchup just to make it more interesting? Placing money on NFL games is all in good fun, but there are those out there that tend to get lost in it.

The idea is to use money that you’ve set aside specifically for NFL bets, nothing more. If you find yourself constantly going back to your bank account for more funds, you could be on a one-way ticket to financial trouble.

One of the best betting techniques for this is starting a bankroll. This is a specific amount of money that you set aside from your budget to place on bets. Once you’ve run out of it, you’re done placing bets until the bankroll can be refilled.

For example, say you decide to place $200 of each paycheck during the NFL season towards your NFL bets. That means that you have $200 to play with, at minimum, until the next paycheck comes in two weeks from now.

Say you spend $100 one week and win $200 as a result. You now place $100 of that back into your bankroll for next week and deposit the other $100 into your bank account to resist the urge to use it.

4. Stick With the Teams You Understand

No matter how much you watch and follow the 2020 NFL season, there will be some teams that you’ll never get a proper feel for.

Take the 2019 Tennessee Titans, for example. They started 2-4 last year with some pretty bad losses, maybe none more so than a 16-0 loss to the spiraling Denver Broncos.

Then, all of a sudden, they switch to Ryan Tannehill as their quarterback and go on a tear for the rest of the year, ending with a 9-7 record and a playoff birth.

However, even during that tear, they weren’t favorable for NFL bettors trying to guess their point output. Some weeks, they’d put up 30 or more points, then only put up a 23-20 nail-biting win the next week.

The lesson in all of this? Stick with the teams you understand. Don’t try to figure out and place bets on teams such as the 2019 Tennessee Titans.

5. Stick With Teams of Continuity

It’s more beneficial for NFL teams to have continuity at quarterback than ever before. In week 1, only one team with a new starting quarterback won their first game.

With no preseason to play, NFL teams that switched their roster around will have to use the first few weeks of the regular season learning, and it will show.

If you’re unfamiliar with the longevity that certain NFL quarterbacks have with their team, then do the research. For these first few weeks, stick with continuity over star power.

Develop an NFL Betting Strategy That You’re Comfortable With

Now that you’ve seen several tips on how to build a successful NFL betting strategy, be sure to use it to your advantage.

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