NCAA Tournament Betting Tips & Strategies

Mar 14, 2024

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Betting on March Madness games offers many opportunities, from moneyline wagers and totals bets, to prop bets that predict that one team will beat another (moneyline bets), to making predictions based on previous performances (prop bets). Sports bettors who understand these wagers can often find value.

Remind yourself that college basketball scores tend to be lower than NBA scores, as well as studying their tempo and style of play.


Once the field of 68 teams has been announced, oddsmakers will provide betting odds on each one’s chances to win the tournament. These will usually be posted as $100 odds with either an “+/-” sign in front of them to indicate whether wagers may pay out more or less than advertised amounts.

Bettors looking to bet on NCAA Tournament basketball should look for teams with a track record of success both SU and ATS during postseason play. Furthermore, they must evaluate a team’s talent level against top competition in college basketball.

This year’s top seeds in the tournament include UConn, Houston and Purdue – each team being ranked at some point during this season in the Associated Press Top 25 – which all boasted talent to reach the Final Four; however, due to the lose-and-go-home format of this year’s NCAA Tournament, it may prove challenging for favorites to repeat as champions.


Knowing a team’s tendencies when betting college basketball totals is essential. Pay attention to coaches that pair a fast pace with tight defense; those teams may make good “under bets”. Furthermore, look out for schools that finished strong and are motivated to make a tournament run as they will often bring out their best play and put pressure on opponents.

March Madness’ appeal lies in its underdogs: Cinderella teams can pull off remarkable upsets that set them apart from larger pools of people – for instance, choosing Loyola Chicago over Illinois would have given your pool an enormous edge against those with Illini as their frontrunners! Recognizing possible upsets early is key for beating friends’ brackets – plus it’s fun!


Betting on March Madness games offers numerous avenues of betting. Options may include placing bets on which teams advance to subsequent rounds (moneyline bets), the probability that total points scored by either team exceeds or falls short of a set threshold (totals bets), or specific outcomes of specific matches or the tournament as a whole (prop bets).

When betting NCAA Tournament games, momentum should always be your goal. Sportsbooks may not immediately notice when one team outdoes expectations and starts winning big; but you can capitalize on it by following some simple tips.

Consider a team’s road and neutral-site records both SU and ATS when making decisions about potential upsets in the Tournament. Schools that rely heavily on offense could find themselves vulnerable if their shots stop falling; conversely, defensive-minded schools may still remain victorious even when their offense falters.

Round of 16

After narrowing your focus down to 16, the Sweet 16 should become your priority. Look for teams with strong schedules and have proven their worth by reaching the final weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

Carefully review each team’s road and neutral-site records both straight up (SU) and against the spread (ATS). A school that excels on both ends of the court is more likely to win numerous NCAA Tournament games than one with weak defense alone.

Betting on individual games and futures markets for the National Champion are both legal and accepted forms of wagers in U.S. sportsbooks that accept bitcoin. Picking a champion can be difficult; here are 6 March Madness betting tips to help identify flawed lines and identify worthy champs. Identify each team’s strengths and weaknesses before selecting an eventual champion; this might involve studying their tournament experience as well as their lineup consistency.

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