How To Properly Analyze NBA Odds For Maximum Results

Mar 16, 2020

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Basketball is the most popular sport to bet on for first-time betters.

The NBA in particular offers betters a lot of odds that can give them a chance to win $100 or more.

If you are a fan of the NBA, you may be more confident betting on a Lebron team over the field. You may think taking the Milwaukee Bucks over the field is the smart betting move.

The goal, however, is to see how you can get the most value from your money, which requires understanding NBA odds.

If you’re considering betting on NBA teams, you need to understand what your odds are when you bet. Here’s a guide on how to analyze NBA odds for maximum results.

What’s the Moneyline?

The final outcome is the only thing that matters in the moneyline.

For instance, if the Lakers are favored to win and the money line is set at -185, it means you would have to bet $185 to win $100 if the Lakers won. The – sign means the Lakers are favored.

If Lakers were playing the Clippers and the Clippers were underdogs, the odds being +165, it means you would win $165 if you bet $100. The + sign means that the team is the underdog.

So if the Clippers pulled off an upset, you would win $165.

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What’s the Point Spread?

The point spread is a bit more specific because you are betting on the winning margin of victory.

If the odds for the Lakers was -6 and the Clippers +6, with the signs meaning the same as before, the Lakers would need to win by more than 6 to cover the spread.

If the Lakers win exactly by 6, then it’s a tie and nobody wins. You get your money back.

What’s the Total?

The total is betting on the combined points of the two teams.

If the sportsbook predicted that the Lakers and Clippers would have a total point number of 225, you would bet on if the actual point total would be under or over.

This is why you should keep track of NBA teams throughout the year and see what teams really good offensively and defensively, which will give you a better sense of what you should bet.

How to Take Advantage of NBA Odds

Taking advantage of NBA odds means staying on top of league news. You should be familiar with teams, who are playing, and what the odds are. If you think you have a decent shot of winning, then play the odds.

While it’s impossible to say for sure who has the best chance of winning, you can always look at what the odds say or maybe you feel the odds are not as accurate as you think, which could make for a winning bet.

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