Monday Night Football Picks: Tips for Predictions

Sep 11, 2017

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Monday Night Football is a time when families can come together to root for their favorite teams and players and spend quality time together. However, it has a different flare. A different taste of the win.

Monday Night Football also stands for something else. Handicaps. Not the ones on the field involving football players. The handicaps on your betting cards for that notorious game each week.

Monday Night Football picks can be unnerving, causing radical decision making. Don’t be radical and lose your money. Instead, think cautiously and carefully so that you can guarantee yourself the best return on investment.

Follow these guidelines the next time you’re making your choices for the week.

Don’t do these things:

While there are plenty of things to think about that you should be doing when making your Monday Night Football picks, there are also a few things you shouldn’t be doing.

Don’t drag yourself through the mud in your decision making by getting distracted…

Don’t Pay Attention to the Networks

The only thing the Networks really care about when it comes to Monday Night Football is the ratings. This is key knowledge because many might allow themselves to become influenced by the hype the Networks are producing and the stories they’re following. Don’t make this mistake

Try not to pay attention the commercials and other promotions the Networks are selling in relation the Monday Night game. It might even be a good idea to stay away from the pre-game show.

A lot of what the Networks are presenting will only confuse you and make you think twice about your decisions based on the content they’re blasting at you all week.

Don’t Read Too Much

The media does the same thing as the TV Networks. It’s a bunch of extra hype that has nothing to do with your critical decision.

Think logically. The media displays content that will interest the most people. They’re going to talk about stories related to individual players in the Monday Night game and other stories that will have nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

If you do decide to read up before you place a bet, you can review the statistics and health of the players on the team you’re betting for or against, but keep in mind that these statistics and vitals will change before the actual game.

What it boils down to with the media is that the circumstantial factors considered are easily blown out of proportion in relation to betting tactics.

Do Monday Night Football Picks Right:

Monday Night Football picks done right will cause you less stress and maybe even put a few more bucks in your pocket each week.

Betting on football can be fun and exciting if you’re thinking about the right techniques. Do pay attention to some key factors in your betting process to help keep your handicap strong.

Think About the Public

It’s called the public action because it’s what the public is doing with consideration of the volume of a bet on a particular game. The public action is especially high for Monday Night Football picks because the games are nationally televised and promoted, not to mention the hour in which they are played – a time when people are more likely watching.

Thinking about the public allows you to rationalize and become more objective in your decision making, something the public doesn’t always do. Oddsmakers know that the public isn’t always this way and will set and adjust lines accordingly so pay attention.

Making a bet without considering the public action could end you up with a no value bet if you like the favorite, or maybe extra value if you like the underdog. Your choice.

Think About Which Teams Handle Pressure

Monday Night games hold particular pressure for the players in some games as well. Some teams or players, especially rookies, may not be accustomed to playing on Network Television accompanied by all the hype.

In contrast, remember the teams that are veterans of these type of games and recognize their talent for handling the pressure.

Think about which teams are prone to playing well on Monday Night and which teams are not.  Also note if a particularly good team is playing a less experienced team in consideration of Monday Night Football picks, it could be an edge on your handicap.

Take the Pressure Off Yourself

Remember, this game is the same as any other game during the rest of the week. The only difference is that it’s broadcast live to everyone with a television at an hour when more people are watching.  The players are the same, the rules apply the same and the football field is still 100 yards.

Don’t let your logic get tangled up with your mind. Take some pressure off yourself and stay focused on the things that matter in relation to your bet. You’ll be better off without the extra stress.


Just as with watching a football game, betting can be intense and thrilling. Be smart about your handicaps. Watch games that include teams that will be playing on these Monday Night games ahead of time to gain a better understanding of the players and comradarie.

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